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6 Amazing Horse Facts You MUST Know.

This is my very first article on BYH. I write a lot of articles on BYC, but the layout is much different, so I'm still learning my way around this site.
Ok so, straight to the point, 6 Amazing Horse Facts You MUST Know!

Horses can se better than humans at night, BUT it takes longer for their eyes to adjust from dark to light and likewise. Keep this in mind when you transfer a horse from a dark area such as an indoor arena, stall, or trailer to a pasture or other place in bright light and when you go from a dark place to a place with bright light.

Male horses have more teeth than female horses. I'm not completely convinced that this one is true, but according to what I read, male horses have 40 teeth, while females have only 36 (not counting "wolf" teeth).

A horse's teeth take up more room in their head than their brains. Don't repeat that to someone who already thinks horses have no brains! :D

An adult horse's brain weighs less than a human's brain (again, don't repeat this to someone who already thinks horses have no brains!).

Horses are NOT color blind, although it is easier for them to distinguish yellows, greens, and blues than purples and violets. An example is if you hold up a red apple and a green apple beside each other in front of the horse. He won't be able to tell the difference.

And last, but not least,


Horses have the LARGEST eyes of any land mammal!

Thanks for reading!

~CE (AKA ChickenLover200 on BYC):)
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Cool! I didn't know most of those!