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Different styles of horse-back riding

At a time if you own horses you may be asked what type of riding you do, or if you want to start one. In this article I explain in detail what the different styles are. Although I do not happen to have any photos.

My mom does this, so I know a bunch about it. For lower levels: The rider memorizes or while in the arena has a test read to them. They are instructed to do different things at different letters through out the arena. For higher levels they must memorize the test. There are many different levels, each with 3 tests to move on to the next.

It is just like it sounds, jumping over different heights of jumps. A very popular style to do.

A lot of work, dressage, jumping, and field jumping in three days straight. Many amazing riders start with eventing.

Hand stands and many other gymnastic tricks on horses. The horses are on a lung line. The saddle has two handles on it to make it easier, ponies are also used. The horses must be a bit thicker to make it easier.

The main style, trail rides. The horses don't really Canter or Trot much, rather go long distances.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have.
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