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Keeping Goats with Chickens

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Our pygmy goat and chickens typically get along very well and they are more than happy to share the backyard and food.

Actually, that's the biggest problem we have is that our pygmy goat loves to steal the chickens feed.

It's no good for him, I've heard the the chook feed can give him diarrhea.

We've just tried separating the chook food, keeping it in a separate area from the the goat, actually it's now inside their coop.

Had to make sure that the goat can't get into the coop, he's very persistent, had to reduce the size of the opening.

We are thinking about getting one of those automatic chook feeders, they are designed specifically for chooks to open, and to minimise food spillage.

Also, we are mindful about the sleeping areas, they both need a separate areas to sleep.

That's one of the best things about having a designated chicken coop as it allows us to have a separate sleeping area for goats will keep your animals happy.

So far, keeping our goat and our chickens together has been a rewarding experience, as both animals provide companionship and can form strong bonds.

The chickens tend to help keep things clean by picking up dropped grains from your goats and eating any bugs and parasites around.
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