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The Beveren Rabbit

The Beveren Rabbit is a rare breed and one of the oldest breeds that hails from Beveren, Belgium. It is also known for being one of the largest fur breeds with an approximate weight of 8 to 11 lbs for Sr. Bucks and 9 to 12 lbs for Sr. Does. They are known for being well tempered, clean, and smart. They are full of energy and love to explore their surroundings.

The colors that are often found in the breed are:
Black-Color is to be deep, glossy, jet black, carried well down into a blue undercolor. Eyes should be dark brown.

Color is to be a clean shade of light lavender blue, carried well down into the base, free from silvering. Eyes should be blue-gray, with ruby cast to pupil permissible

Color is to be pure white, with no ivory cast. Eyes should be a brilliant blue.
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