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What Rabbits Should Eat Weekly

What Rabbits Should Eat Weekly
Author: MapleValleyAcresPoultry Date:10/20/2021

(NOTE: Before we begin, please know that Rabbits UNDER 8 WEEKS OF AGE CANNOT CONSUME VEGGIES. (I.E. Lettuce, Clover, Grass, Carrots, etc.) It could kill them. They can ONLY eat Pellets and Hay until they turn 8 weeks old.)
I remember when I first got bunnies I wouldn't let them eat anything but hay and rabbit pellets. Sadly, a lot of rabbit owners are like that, but today, I am telling you what rabbits need to eat weekly.

  • Fresh Baby Carrots- 4, twice a week (That adds up to 8 carrots a week)
  • Hay (Timothy or Alfalfa)- 24/7 Free Access
  • Rabbit Pellets- 1/4-1/2 Cup A day
  • Fresh Grass- A handful twice a week (So 2 handfuls)
  • Fresh Clover - A handful twice a week (So 2 handfuls)
  • Fresh Lettuce- 2 Leaves, twice a week (So 4 leaves a week)
That is what rabbits need to eat every week. They must eat Rabbit Pellets and Hay every single day. It's a must, but the others; Carrots, Parsley, Fresh Clover, Fresh Grass, and Lettuce need to be given twice a week. Amount strictly will depend on the breed, age and weight of the rabbit, so the above amounts are just the typical amount for an average sized rabbit. If you would like, you can comment down below with your rabbit's age, breed and weight and I'll tell you how much you need to feed it daily.

Thank you for reading my short article, let me know what you think!! 😀

Linked below is @Kiki's thread to "Rabbit Foods", you may find some helpful info there as well:🚧🚧rabbit-food-stuff-🚧🚧.1494446/
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