Im a simple hippie guy with a sweet eccentric lady love. I have alot of plans for the future, I want a simple life, I want a sustainable farm. Right now I have goats, chickens and guineas on my homestead. I want to experience life the way I feel I should and not the way it's been dictated that we should. I moved back to missouri from Arkansas at the end of March 2022 and I am currently living in an unfinished tiny house with the bare minimum, it's not for everyone and it's kinda tough at times but i feel like im really living life and I love it despite the struggle. I have a horrible back and ulcer that really slow me down but I got 2 toddlers keeping me on my toes.

I make a living buying and trading animals and oddities. I always have something to sell / trade.

Not into drinking, no hard drugs at all.
I collect American coins
I am a huge chicken nerd and hope to one day develop my own chicken breed.
I'm not into sports or games.
Houseplant nerd, I love Hoyas and vining philodendrons
Backroading enthusiast lol
junk stores junkie
I am not a "crystal and stars" pacifist type of hippie. I'm a "back to nature", polyfidelitous, 2nd amendment supporting, Minimalist, type of hippie.
September 26
Current Herd Animal(s)
10 Goats
Rancher/ homesteader/ dreamer


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