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    Help!!! Rats ? Sickness?

    Help. I've been raising goats for years and have no idea what's going on here. We live in the pacific northwest and even for here it's been very wet, also we have had major boom in the rat population. So I noticed many of my kids this year have sores? Bites ? On their necks. Never seen...
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    Goat kid with liquid yellow poop

    Thanks to you both. I was kind of thinking it was maybe overeating. I'll try giving her less and see how she does
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    Goat kid with liquid yellow poop

    I need some advice. I've been raising goats for years now and never had a bottle kid so not sure what to do. . I had a young doe e scape her pen and end up in my breeding pen. She got pregnant. Birth went good. I checked multiple times a day the first few days that there was milk and the kid...
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    Too late to breed

    Hi all, So here in BC between the wildfires and flooding( yep, been through both and almost ready to give up on homesteading but trying to push through) we didn't breed our ewes at the usual time. I don't want to miss out on lambs this year. Is this too late to breed them, are they still in the...
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    NDG kid dumping feed out

    Hahaha. Why are goats like that. Even the water trough. I bought a large one so I don't have to fill it every day but has to be somewhat shorter for the growing kids to be able to get a drink. And with all their outdoor space in their pen somehow 3 or 4 days a week someone poops in it:somad
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    Shelters after wildfire

    We had to pay a whole year up front and I'm not sure they would give it back even if we wanted it. It isn't their fault about the fire so nit sure what to do
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    Shelters after wildfire

    Yes the place now is already re rented the new place is a long term lease and it seems like they may not get insurance for the buildings . The only reason we took the place is because of the buildings, something to do with alr and stuff I have no idea. Perhaps they built the stuff there...
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    Shelters after wildfire

    So we have been living on 5 acres(way to small for our needs). We got a 40 acre property with 2 barns(only have 1 now) and a cabin. We have to be out of this place by August.. The week we were supposed to start moving up there the largest wildfire in BC hit the area. We prayed and we were...
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    Post lambing prolapse/ewespoon

    Good morning all, So this is the first time for me,dealing with a prolapse. Ewes fist lambing, had a single ram lamb, she Lambed around midnight and prolapsed in the morning. We put it all back in(after cleaning it ect). She pushed it out right away. We put it back, this time with a ewespoon...
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    Very skinny lamb p

    Oh brother, I feel so done with sheep this year. A neighbor brought me a ewe lamb that they are at the end of their rope with and didn't want to pay a vet. I really didn't want any more problems but I felt so bad for the little thing. So according to them she did get colostrum and milk for a...
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    Ok, dumb question. I live in communist Canada where you can't get any damn thing over the counter have to go to the vet for everything. I was somehow able to get terramycin eye ointment for my dogs eye infection. Now when I'm reading online about treatments for sick livestock I hear about...
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    New sheep not eating much

    I'm not sure about the grain. The couple we got them from seemed to be busy that day and we also needed to get back before dark. She told me to text her if I had any questions but she's not answering my texts 😒 I've brought home new animals before but these guys are just terrified of...
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    New sheep not eating much

    So I brought home 2 18 month old ewes Sunday night. It was a several hour drive for them. For the last t couple days I've been feeding them hay and some textured sheep feed. They seem to kind of eat the hay but won't touch the grain. I know it's been traumatizing for them so I didn't expect...
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    Not a bottle lamb???

    Thanks for easing my mind 🤗 she is eating grass/hay like a champ and I did get her to start taking some milk(raw goat milk frozen from last milk season). We take in a orphan lamb for my daughter to raise each year. I know she would be devastated if little Eunice didn't make it
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    Not a bottle lamb???

    Good morning, So there is a sheep farmer near us which is where we got our first lamb(bottle lamb) 3 years ago. We got one last year as well. This year we thought we would keep the tradition . When we went to pick up the what I thought would be a bottle lamb last night, the farmer said she was...