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    3 dead queens and zero bees in southern TN

    No we’re pretty sure they died right before the spring. Apparently, they starved to death with food all around them. We had the hard candy sugar above the frames - but one box too high. We had plenty of full frames in the brood hive but not next to the center. They ate what they could get to...
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    Curing Ham & Bacon

    I tried curing bacon and used the calculator from Digging Dog Farm. My buddy swears by it. The cuts of meat I got were essentially scraps, but I brined them in zip lock bags for 11-12 days as they supposedly will only absorb so much. Rinsed, dried for a day and then smoked. Every batch was...
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    3 dead queens and zero bees in southern TN

    That is an interesting thought. I hadn’t thought of that. As we feed our two new packaged bees....we built their new homes with open frames from the old colonies with full honey frames. We’ve fed sugar water as well but we honestly have NEVER had the bees stop taking it. Whether we were in...
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    3 dead queens and zero bees in southern TN

    I really enjoy our community when we meet. We did the trial and error thing for a year and a half and failed miserably. Our learning curve went straight up when we started attending. Every bee owner should be a member of a local bee association! Sometimes though they need a nudge getting...
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    3 dead queens and zero bees in southern TN

    We do and we’re a member, however with all the scare going on we haven’t been meeting so I’m putting this out there for anyone to comment on and hopefully they will too! This forum is much unused by the bee community.
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    3 dead queens and zero bees in southern TN

    After this mild winter, insulating 2 of 3 hives, treating for mites, and putting sugar “blocks” on top of frames for winter we were super excited that we should finally be in a good standing to catch the honey flow! Upon spring inspecting there just weren’t that many bees, and saw one marked...
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    Questions about Long Lang Hives

    I’m sorry you haven’t received much help here. I’ve been on this site only since January and have found my local beekeepers meetings to be much More helpful than here. I’ve posted a link to a Connecticut one that may be able to help you out. They are at least for your area and you may be able...
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    Lovely beehive I saw yesterday...

    Beautiful and interesting!! Oh, hive is cool too! Just kidding! :thumbsup Agree that it totally needs some bees...
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    Not building out parts of foundation

    Hey all, Is there a reason why the bees wouldn’t use part of a frame and then have capped honey on the same frame right next to it? It’s happened on about 5 different frames in 2 different brood boxes but only in one hive. There aren’t any wires that have burned through on these, they’re...
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    Robbing - interesting stuff and a nifty solution

    @Beekissed thank you for the compliments! My choice in color and hubbys ingenuity for the hive stands. However, as you can see there is one drawback to them once you put the super on, if (thank heaven) you had two you almost need a step-ladder to get in them! So if any of you out there are...
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    Robbing - interesting stuff and a nifty solution

    Here is the glass, it’s what we had on hand. The second picture shows how it’s angled. Figured these would help.
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    Medicinal Honey Thread

    2 million blossoms - it’s a book dedicated to the medicinal benefits of honey. They do clarify that its based off raw honey and that our typical American store bought honey has been heated and processed which kills off a lot of the “stuff” in honey that’s beneficial. Some of it can be...
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    Robbing - interesting stuff and a nifty solution

    We have 3 hives. 2 were Nucs we got from a local guy. We’ve lost our bees the last 2 winters so this summer when we got the new ones in a timely manner we decided to split one to increase our odds. Interesting enough, the hive we split has completely taken over the other two. We waited a...
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    Seeing dead bees

    There are typically some dead bees in a nuc when you get them. Once installed they clean house by carrying the dead out to the front and dumping them. By day 5 though you really should check that the queen is out. Previously we’ve had to scrape a little away to make sure she could get out...
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    LGD owners beware...

    OMG too funny!:plbb:gig