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    Questions about Long Lang Hives

    I’m sorry you haven’t received much help here. I’ve been on this site only since January and have found my local beekeepers meetings to be much More helpful than here. I’ve posted a link to a Connecticut one that may be able to help you out. They are at least for your area and you may be able...
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    Lovely beehive I saw yesterday...

    Beautiful and interesting!! Oh, hive is cool too! Just kidding! :thumbsup Agree that it totally needs some bees...
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    Not building out parts of foundation

    Hey all, Is there a reason why the bees wouldn’t use part of a frame and then have capped honey on the same frame right next to it? It’s happened on about 5 different frames in 2 different brood boxes but only in one hive. There aren’t any wires that have burned through on these, they’re...
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    Robbing - interesting stuff and a nifty solution

    @Beekissed thank you for the compliments! My choice in color and hubbys ingenuity for the hive stands. However, as you can see there is one drawback to them once you put the super on, if (thank heaven) you had two you almost need a step-ladder to get in them! So if any of you out there are...
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    Robbing - interesting stuff and a nifty solution

    Here is the glass, it’s what we had on hand. The second picture shows how it’s angled. Figured these would help.
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    Medicinal Honey Thread

    2 million blossoms - it’s a book dedicated to the medicinal benefits of honey. They do clarify that its based off raw honey and that our typical American store bought honey has been heated and processed which kills off a lot of the “stuff” in honey that’s beneficial. Some of it can be...
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    Robbing - interesting stuff and a nifty solution

    We have 3 hives. 2 were Nucs we got from a local guy. We’ve lost our bees the last 2 winters so this summer when we got the new ones in a timely manner we decided to split one to increase our odds. Interesting enough, the hive we split has completely taken over the other two. We waited a...
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    Seeing dead bees

    There are typically some dead bees in a nuc when you get them. Once installed they clean house by carrying the dead out to the front and dumping them. By day 5 though you really should check that the queen is out. Previously we’ve had to scrape a little away to make sure she could get out...
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    LGD owners beware...

    OMG too funny!:plbb:gig
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    Combining LGDs approach

    I re-posted an article after seeing ANOTHER Pyr returned to our local shelter. I’ve seen many, many Great Pyrs wandering and wounded in neighborhoods and have now read (after researching your site for the last couple months) losses and dilemmas about new dogs/pups and which breed to use. This...
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    Middle TN bee winters

    As a side note, after some quick research, domino sugar is cane sugar. But apparently some discount sugars are beet sugar and don’t supplement bee life even though they’ll drink it like normal cane sugar water.
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    Lost beehive again

    Thanks guys, anyone know why they died or thoughts? Also, @HomeOnTheRange, do you always feed pollen in the spring? Do you use an inside feeder in the winter or a regular outside feeder?
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    Lost beehive again

    Both hives gone. :hit Again! We got into them today, 1st hive that was from the swarm had comb drawn out but no honey, it was all clean. Very little dead brood and no dead bees. Second hive, that was strong all last year, and we think we saw just before the last rains...also gone. The queen...
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    Middle TN bee winters

    I went to my first bee meeting today. Holy cow lots of information. John of Wolfcreek apiary advocates feeding Cane sugar as opposed to regular sugar and ensuring pollen feeding/supplements in the fall. I’ve lost two hives in two years over winter. I insulated this year and we know one hive...
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    Lost beehive again

    We lost one of two and potentially our second one as well. We haven’t looked in them yet because I thought it was too cold here in middle TN. Today we noticed zero activity although we saw them out and about last week. Sorry I can’t help you with your honey comb issue. That does look weird...