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    Can Boer Goats Be Herded?

    My dogs will work anything, from quinea's to cattle but goats are not always easy to keep in a group. Sometimes it's hard to keep them together. It also takes a stronger dog to work most goats. Not all but most. And One fine acre is spot on. Chasing any livestock can eventually lead to some sort...
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    Loving sheep now headbutting me!

    I was just thinking the same thing, how do you lay a huge ram down? To do that to my ram would take 2 maybe 3 people and he's not even mean. I don't befriend my rams. And if my ewes were mean I wouldn't be "nice" about a correction. They have 2 inch think skulls, a little tap would be nothing...
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    ElectroNet Warning!

    From what I understand it's not the electric that kills an animal, it's the shock (not electric but the animal goes into shock) from repeated shocking. Confusing but that's how I understood it. I have used electric and would again but my goal has always been to get permanent fencing in place...
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    ElectroNet Warning!

    I never used it but once long ago when my dog was staying at someone else's farm, he got tangled up in it. It actually burnt a little spot on his foot. Since that day if he sees it he gives a wide birth. Hates the stuff!
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    Frontline is no longer working here. Neither are most topicals, at least for fleas which most are used to repel both. I resorted to Comfortis last year for our flea issues but didn't have many ticks. Only after trying everything else my vet offered. I wish frontline still worked for us. It was...
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    We are now treating Jesse for TBD's. (tick borne diseases) the vet didn't feel the need to do a tick panel, but from her symptoms decided the best course of action is to treat with Doxy for 2 weeks. If I see improvement, we will continue with doxy for another 2-3 weeks. She has lost some...
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    Frustrated with my two LGD's... :( Help Please.

    We went through this at a younger age. It was tight confinement that was setting off our Jesse. During the worst snow storms when the ewes were locked in the barn (lambing of course) because of temps, if Jesse was in with them she would chew lamb ears. I built a pen within the barn where she...
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    Low spots under fence

    We put big logs in the holes. Or lg rocks. Usually what we can find goes in the holes!
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    Please tell me about Coyotes

    We had a horrible time with coyotes down in AR. 2 lgd's, a pyr and pyr cross did the trick. Here in MO I've heard a few, not seen a one and hope it stays that way. I have 1 lgd, an Anatolian that has done wonders for our fox issues. If we start having coyote issues I will add another dog...
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    Introducing goats and dogs

    All Momma's are super protective, even at 2 months if the baby is still nursing. It will work out, just remember patience! :) To give you an idea of timing and this is without a kid I brought a single nanny home. I tied her in the barn on a long line casue I wasn't sure if she'd try to escape...
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    Introducing goats and dogs

    Corgis' are a working breed. They people might have used the dogs to move the goats. I would be very careful about letting your dogs in with the goats. She really could hurt them or even kill them easily if the dogs are caught off guard. Just take your time, keep the dogs outside the gate for...
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    Hay prices Ehhh Gad

    Yes you are probably right. I have found 2 nice older gentlemen that have told me, if we have a good hay year they pass the pricing on to their buyers. They both said they don't understand why people take advantage of dry year hay pricing during good hay years. I will make sure to tell them how...
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    Flies are out of control

    Arbico Organics. They sell fly predators. Deliver once a month and really, if you get the right amount your fly problem will greatly diminish. What I want to know is why the flies pick certain animals to collect on and not the others. I have the same issues here if I don't get my fly eaters...
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    Hay prices Ehhh Gad

    Wow, this is one of those times I really love living in MO! are you in a drought this year?