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    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    Not with this kind of grazing system...they have to graze as a mob and move often. Unless I had herding dogs to bring them in and take them out to an ever moving paddock, we couldn't use this system.
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    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    Did you see all those tree tops in the background?? Not as pretty as it used to be after all the logging, that's for sure! Can't WAIT to get those cleared up so we can grow pasture there, but also due to how ugly it all looks.
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    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    Pics of the flock and dogs today... This is a paddock they just left...if you'll note the tree line and how the brush has been trimmed all the way across at sheep height. And folks always tell people to get goats to clear brush! In the pic below you can see in the right hand corner where...
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    Outdoor Cat Safety

    I lose cats to my neighbors. My two best cats are now~I'm pretty sure~prisoners of the neighbors. First the tom kept disappearing for long periods~which toms generally do, but mine didn't for 4 yrs of his life~and when he would come back he was no longer him...his personality had changed, he...
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    New kid with diarrhea

    What is she currently eating?
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    Sheba-A Marvelous Gift

    She so beautiful! And seems like such a confident dog, already comfortable in her new home and new pack/flock. She's going to be HUGE, isn't she?
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    Making A Pasture

    Bay, all that lovely green is a testament to all your hard work. :hugs What a satisfaction you must feel to now see the sheep grazing on the benefits from it! They will provide fertilizing and trampling of it and build you more good green stuff and that's so cool! I love the good...
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    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    Just heard Blue barking down there, so went to check it out....and it was deer. Usually he doesn't bark at deer, but I think he's feeling a little vulnerable down there in coyote territory tonight without Ben. What surprised me was Charlie, a little 3 mo. old pup, was doing exactly what she...
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    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    Am so pleased about how the young dogs are watching over the sheep, lying near by and up slope of them as they graze and lounge. I think they are going to make a good working pair of dogs. I'm also pleased to see the tree/brush line along the current paddock has been trimmed so well that one...
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    Bunny Toys! Would love your feedback...

    Your bunnies will eat it, so I wouldn't use cardboard for the construction. They love to chew on cardboard, paper, wood, etc. Better to use something they cannot ingest.
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    New floofs!

    Seamus and Sean!
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    Retirement Dreams

    Yep....livestock per acre estimates don't always fit all places. I'd find out what it's like in the exact area you will be living before planning on livestock numbers. Smaller acreage often cries out for smaller stock....have you considered meat sheep or meat goats instead of cattle?
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    Sheba-A Marvelous Gift

    Charlie was so bold as to run over and put her face into Ben's feed pan....and I just waited for the fireworks. It took all of maybe 20 seconds before he exploded on her face and she ran screaming back to her own place. The look on her face said, "Whoa!!!! Who peed in HIS dogfood????"
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    Retirement Dreams

    I don't think you'll get by with feeding them on pasture with just a few acres. At that point, you'd be buying hay and I'm not sure how much hay cost in that area but just two steers wouldn't eat you out of house and home.
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    Need advice/help warming COLD kits

    I understand. I have a tough love farming style as well and it's thought of as hard by others but it's the only way to produce a strong, sustainable system here.