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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    I have a very serious question. I know goats are herd animals and can’t be singles but can a doodle make up the herd?
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    Squeakers got to go outside today. Mom didn’t want anything to do with him. Guess I have another job.
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    Tipsy's second day on the milk stand. I was able to milk out 8ounces. I lost a little. I have nothing to compare this to. How does it compare to your first freshening nigerian dwarf does? Just curious.
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    From your lips to her ears.
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    She's been butting at him. I put her on the milk stand and he did nurse on her a little. He doesn't have a strong suck yet. He's taking her milk/colostrum from a bottle at least. HE's also peeing and pooping, I take those as good signs.
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    Tipsy finally kidded this morning. She had a buckling that I’m calling Pip Squeak, “Squeakers”. She also had a doeling that didn’t make it. I’m not sure what happened. She looked small and was very contorted in the position that I found her. She was fully formed and didn’t look like...
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    Chickens really- My adventure into Goats

    Please post a picture. My goats are the great hay wasters!!
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted here. My grandkids and the bathroom seem to be taking all my time. When they aren’t, I’m tired. Let me see if I can update what’s been happening the last month. The plumbers finished their part this past Friday. The tile work...
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    Magnum- the unfolding/unravelling story of our LGD

    This is the place and these amazing people will lead you in the right direction. I had my battles with Gracie, our Anatolian/GP/Kangal, when she was getting out. I’m sure if there is a page showing all the things not to do, you’ll see my picture. Now, I count on Gracie to do the training...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Be safe
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    Changing Kid Milk Replacer

    Can’t say for sure with goats but the suggested process for dogs is to do it over a weeks time. 2 days 1/4 of the new, days 3&4 1/2 and 1/2, days 5&6 3/4 of the new and by day 7 all new.