I have 2 Betta fish named Rainbow and Swimmer. I also own 6 beautiful, lovable chickens. They are such sweet hearts...and of course, they are pets. :D I also foster a mother cat and her kittens to help the shelter out almost every year. I just gave my last litter back a few months ago. :( But, I know they have good homes now! :) Including the mother!
One other thing, I owned a cat a long time ago but sadly, she wanted to be a outside cat, and I did not want that, so she scratched the doors and turned the house upside down. So, we had to give her back to the shelter.
June 15
North East
Current Herd Animal(s)
Raising chickens!


My flock:
3 Buff Orpington's
3 Golden Laced Wyandotte's




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