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    What is my horse worth

    I know nothing about the monetary value of horses but it sounds like you have invested a lot of time and energy into your horse and you should be proud of all your accomplishments. I can't imagine you'd have any problem getting to the state fair! Keep up the good work! :clap
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    :welcome Glad to see another Cheesehead here. I think fainting goats are cool. Easy to keep in fencing, right? I thought donkeys would be easy to keep enclosed but went out to say goodnight the other night and there was one of my jacks running around outside the pasture. Yikes. Luckily he...
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    When to get a mini donkey colt gelded?

    Make sure your vet knows how to geld your donkey. They must use a different procedure than on horses, or the donkey could have bleeding that can be fatal.
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    Soon to be Donkey owner in need of any and all helpl

    There's a very comprehensive book on donkeys written by Sue Weaver, contributor to "Hobby Farms" magazine. It's excellent, packed with useful info and lots of folklore about donkeys in the sidebars. Many great photos too. There's lots of good websites out there, including several yahoo groups...
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    I need help with how much to feed my donkey

    Bunnylady is right, donkeys need hay and a salt/mineral block and that's about it. Mine each get a flake of grassy hay twice a day. I do give them a tiny handful of oats also, but my donkeys came to me FAT and used to eating that. I should wean them off the grain but have gone soft--they look...
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    I'll be first....Tell about your horse or horses

    Does this thread include donkeys? :) I acquired these 3 in June from a co-worker. My husband was a bit skeptical, as he's not an animal person, but he has fallen in love with them too. They came with no training, so we are working on ground manners using clicker training. I am a newbie to...
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    My Donkeys Arrived Yesterday

    :yuckyuck Luckily they weren't wild a$$es when the farrier came last Saturday. It was our first experience with hoof trimming with no assistance since we got our herd and we were really nervous about how things would go. While we've worked hard to get our donkeys feeling comfortable with...
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    My two mini horses :)

    I hope to get into cart driving too. Let me know how that works out for you. Your boys are beautiful!
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    Amherst fair is over... But Rosholt will come soon

    Congratulations on your ribbons! :thumbsup We're from Central Wis too and love the Rosholt Fair.
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    Did everybody get rain this week? :clap Some of the grass is actually turning green again. Hey Hens & Roos, how 'bout some pics of your Rex babies!
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    My Donkeys Arrived Yesterday

    Thanks for the nice comment! I'm 2 1/2 months into it and it's hard for me to say whether mine have lost weight because they came with winter coats. Now that their coats are sleek and shiny, of course they look a lot thinner. Maybe I'll post some pics soon and everyone can be the judge. Have...
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    I inherited a donkey. Now what?

    I obtained 3 donkeys at the beginning of June. They were mostly tame, but had had no training. I'm using "Clicker Training for Your Horse" by Alexandra Kurland and have trained 2 of them to accept having their halter put on, and to back up with a pressure cue to their chest. The 3rd is very...
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    My Donkeys Arrived Yesterday

    Yes, I know that once "crestfallen" always crestfallen. It's too bad, but I hope to at least get them in better shape. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments!
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    My Donkeys Arrived Yesterday

    Here is my first BackYard Herd. :celebrate I have chickens, but of course they don't exactly qualify as a "herd." I have cared for these donkeys when their owners were on vacation, so I already knew them somewhat. They are mom, dad, and son. The jacks are gelded. They are overweight but I...
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    Mini Donkeys Exclusively ..... Where to buy near Norman, Oklahoma?

    "The Donkey Companion" by Sue Weaver (regular columnist for Hobby Farms magazine) is a wonderfully comprehensive book on donkeys. "Donkeys" by Anita Gallion is good too.