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    Working with Moon again.

    I do, I need to get them over to my computer.
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    Working with Moon again.

    My horse Moon cut her leg last June, I have a thread on here with pictures. I’ve only ridden her once since then (a week or so ago) and just done some lighter ground work and liberty. I’m going to start getting her back in shape, so I can hopefully ride her like I used to soon. I will start...
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    Hi 🙂

    Hi 🙂
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Moon, after walking her for colic:
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    Moons Progress

    The vet said to just wrap it right if that happens, hopefully it’ll go away. Ouch
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    Moons Progress

    Kay, thanks. Here’s a picture from today Does it look like some proud flesh starting?
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    Moons Progress

    Yup. And you wanna know what’s creepy? A couple weeks before this happened, we brought her in to the clinic for a nasty cough. Well, the vet said that she had just had another horse in with the same issue right before we got there. When we went back with this cut, she looks at her and goes, “oh...
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    Moons Progress

    I’m very very, VERY forgetful obviously. Here’s from when it first happened: And I’ll try to get pictures of it now when I clean it tomorrow.
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    Horse rolling/laying down almost constantly

    She’s back to her normal crabby self, but she rubbed most of her mane out rolling :hit it used to be past her shoulder and thick and flowy.
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    Horse rolling/laying down almost constantly

    Thanks for the help everyone! We did a phone call with the a vet tech and she had us tell her some things, she figured Moon should be brought in to the clinic, so we did. She gave her water with epsom salt and sent us home with instructions to walk her till she pooped. She’s now doing fine. I...
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    He’s really cute! I’m sorry he’s sick, and hope he gets better.