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    Sheep Breed Selector

    columbia hamp oxford montadale pretty close to real life selection choices really... but I might have skewed my answers some though. and the other one is texel panama dorper cotswold lincoln not that far off either really... except i bet nobody in the us has panama
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    Weak Pasterns-what would you do

    in either account-- culling is the best option.
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    Weak Pasterns-what would you do

    you have some kind of serious mineral deficiency if the se doesn't work by now-- then quit giving it to them.. you'll over dose them easily. what is your feeding program, and do the sheep limp?.
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    Collected my new Belted Galloway Bull - pic

    Edited for rule violations.
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    What is the best shearing machine???

    I'm not kfacres-- but I'll chime in and say yes they should work great for you. The easiest thing is find someone with sheep already-- and have them do it...
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    Yearling ram died tonight--Why??

    but i bet your cow had been on grass prior.. explain to me the symptoms this cow had, what kind she was, and when she last calved. sounds to me like it could be something else.
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    Grass hay or Straw for bedding?

    I'd trade you 2 bales of straw for one of grass hay... no hay to be found around here.
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    Aggressive Steer(s)?

    Where did he find that rock to throw at the steer? Wast it a big rock?
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    Yearling ram died tonight--Why??

    define quickly. quickly to me, means hours to days. otherwise, it's days to weeks like a normal problem. If I'm not mistaken, the OP said this ram died within minutes to hours. It will take several hours for the grass to even move through the digestive system to cause the deficiency...
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    Anyone ever had a ruptured heifer fixed?

    navel, I'm guessing... We always keep them- sometimes it gets worse and we butcher them. sometimes they'll grow out of it. You can sew it back up, not a huge deal as long as you get the gut back in place. What happens most often is the rupture gets longer and longer, and eventually it pinches...
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    Yearling ram died tonight--Why??

    grass tetany is not immediate. it takes weight loss, and time.
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    and how do I do that?

    And how do you suggest doing that when the post gets closed down, and I have no idea who the moderators, or administrators are? I'd like a list of the BYC moderators/ administrators, please.
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    A post that got pulled?

    no, just a picture. WRB?, what was your comment?
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    Yearling ram died tonight--Why??

    I realize this is an A/B conversation... but from me experiences-- there won't be any sign of a fight. Being housed together, prior-- means nothing.
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    organic post getting pulled?

    any reasons why they keep getting pulled?