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    how to get goats to eat alfalfa pellets

    If they are eating well I would cut back the sweet feed and add alfalfa pellets. this way you can wean them off the sweet feed before you get other problems. I have had mine on it for yrs and no problems with my babies eating them. Like others have said its monkey see monkey do with my goats...
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    Feeding oatmeal to goats to increase milk production?

    Dont think it would help with milk but it is high in fiber. Alfalfa and many others like Living said are better sources of calcium.
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    Triplets pygmy goats

    I give it to kids that are weak that are having Floppy Kid syndrome.
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    What should I feed my pregnant Nubian?

    I feed mine Goat feed, whole oats and Alfalfa pellets. I increase the alfalfa pellets the closer they get to kidding so the milk is better. If you are feeding grass hay you need the Alfalfa pellets. I feed them to mine as there isnt any waste from them. This will help her make milk for the...
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    Fortified Vitamin B Complex Oral Gel (from Jeffers)

    I agree with elevan, as I like the shots better.
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    Triplets pygmy goats

    I give all my babies at birth or as soon after a Bo-Se shot & CDt. Mom get wormer and a Bo-Se also. The ears should straighten out soon as there is only so much room in there and it probably didnt have much room. I also when 1 is weak give them a Baking soda ball. If you decide to bottle feed...
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    Have A goat Question * New to Goats*

    I agree...dont worry I dont think she could be pregnant either a she is to young to come into heat. With my Nigerians I have had some not show horns till they were almost 1 month old, and 1/2 inch isnt to long to disbud as I have done it. He is just being a boy, I have had wethers that rode the...
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    Breeding a Jr. Doe (ND)

    I personally wouldnt breed her till she is at least 15 mths old as she is still growing. Nigerians mature internally faster than the larger type goats, but body frame I think they just arent ready. Nigis come into heat all yr long s the larger type dont. I have had lots of trouble breeding...
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    Milking goats/nursing kids - Questions

    I agree...some I bottle raise and some I dont. I milk once a day when mine are in milk and let the babies have momma till bed time. I then pen the babies where they cant nurse and momma gets milked in the mornings and the babies eat their grain without the older goats getting it. I then let the...
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    Baby food

    Yes he can have loose minerals as they learn to eat them by watching the mommas. I agree he does need to be cut back on the bottles as I wean mine when they are 8 wks old. Does he drink water? if he is drinking and eating everything in sight he is old enough to wean.
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    polled goats genetics

    Yes I have had some horned goats hat the sire or doe was polled and they have had some that were polled so you need to check before you disbud, you dont want to try to disbud a polled goat. I have had 2 out of triplets to be polled and even blue eyes. Its like a box of chocolates you dont know...
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    First Hoof Trim

    When its just me doing the trimming I use either a collar and a clip and clip them to the fence for control or I use my milking stand. Goats dont like their feet picked up even if they are good at being trimmed. MY are worse with their back feet. When trimming just trim a little at a time and...
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    Goat aggressive towards LGD

    I have had some do this when my dog had pups and this basically teaches them to be on their toes and who to avoid. I dont believe that anyone will get hurt as they didnt here. It sounds like you Billy is just working the pecking order and it should resolve soon, or the dogs will just avoid him.
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    Dairy goats - browse and milk flavor?

    I agree with Queen as mine go out to browse each day and havent had any problems with my milk being off tasting. Most wont eat bad weeds unless its all they have.
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    Deworming Pregnant Goat

    Most say not to worm5 days pregnant. If she is over that amount then it would be safe. Yes get a fecal before you worm. Just take a fresh sample to the vet, they will run 1 for you usually pretty cheap. then proceed from there. It might be something else.