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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Both hives are still alive. Hope it's still that way in the spring.
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    You dont know true pain until....

    When your boot is busted and doesn't come off without holding the inside together and down and you get a large welding spark down there and you CAN'T take your boot off. That was yesterday. Kinda forgot about this thread.
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    GriffinWoodsRanch 2021-2022 Bees

    Congrats. After years of researching and trying to catch a swarm I bought some last winter and got them this spring. And isn't it a little (a lot) late to install a nuc vs. getting an established nuc or small hive. And I wouldn't worry so much right now about the swarming vs. just making it...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Thanks to you and Bruce for the response. I stay at campgrounds because they're cheaper than a hotel. Also state parks are usually more expensive than a lot of campgrounds, with limited stay (2 week max often) and most here do not have septic hook ups. I switched to a city park but will look...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    And sorry I've been busy. I didn't catch up on the last 20 pages.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    What are some of those places you look up online to find places to stay. Not regular hotels, B&B's or campgrounds but the newer people renting a room or a loft out back. Besides craigslist. This campground i'm at is double my house payment and doesn't even have sewer hookups. That'll make a...
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    CLSranch a journal to compensate my lack of memory.

    Not sure about wifi at the next place but it is half price. If no internet I may just come in when I do laundry on Sun or just wait the 4 months.
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    CLSranch a journal to compensate my lack of memory.

    Borrowing internet today to look for other places to stay. They want $250 a week here (oh they offered 800 a month after they found out I said I will find something else after this week). No internet, or septic here and I brought the house, and it's still double my house payment. WTF
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    CLSranch a journal to compensate my lack of memory.

    Well an update. The bee's are alive, but I'm not getting any honey this year. The horses have the few acres mowed down to dirt.(feeding hay all year sucks) I've been welding in a little local shop and finally got a job on the road and will be heading to Nebraska soon.
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    Pony training

    I'd start in the round pen like a new colt. Go through the courses as if it has never been worked. It should just go through them faster and you will find (if you can break/train a colt) what someone else did wrong and fix it before you go to working/riding it. Just my 2 cents. Starting over...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Thanks @Baymule . You are always a blessing of good news and pick me ups.
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    I must say that the best "I" could've said is this is a thread for like minded people. If your beliefs are different then read this and come up with your own conclusion. AND stay off of this one. I am not a good speaker. Really not good to those who don't want to listen to me in the 1st place...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    I agree yet my definitions of each may be switched to yours. A person with a horse is the one with the money and not the love.
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How? A very long video but a great example of today's MSM.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    I've got boys but thought others would still like this.