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    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    We are fine, but not real busy outside....we've had 4-5 days of on/off a extra pour or 2 on the sauna rocks added in......... :lol: ...I've been busy doing some research and we have been discussing our "plan B" strategy with so much uncertainty on so many different...
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I knew ya could do it!!!.... :thumbsup So, so HAPPY for ya and Glad too!!....surely do remember the feelin and such a load off the mind and shoulders...:weee:weee:weee:love:love:love:celebrate:celebrate:clap:clap:clap:clap:ya:ya:bunny:bunny:jumpy:jumpy.....i know the process leaves ya feelin'...
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I know exactly how ya feel....and I didn't appreciate the exposing of everything we did....but it sure opened my eyes to the extint they "violate" ya thru the process.....I'm not a very good "hoop jumper" either, cause I wanna know "why", but we made it thru and so can you.....sooo Happy ya have...
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    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    It has been pretty durn Hot down this way too...:th..don't ya just love mornin' showers that are "instant humidity" as soon as the sun pops out??.....I was sweatin' today just sittin' in a chair throwing the dish for Gabbie to chase and the Shade....:barnie....I couldn't imagine...
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    Chickens really- My adventure into Goats

    The reason for the difference from the goats with others is, because ya are considered a "herd member" and treat giver...the others are to be wary of...they are strangers, so they Flee!!.... :)
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I believe the next ya hear from them will be to inform ya of the clear to close approval from the underwriter and a time will be some hand stretches and limber it up some, there are about 100pgs to initial and sign....sure don't want ya to get a cramp in them.... 🤣 :hugs
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    Drstratton - My Backyard Journey Journal

    Never turn your back on a rooster....that's when they will nail ya... :)
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    Bruce's Journal

    Too bad ya can't get a rim from a junkyard....but ya may can get a used one from the dealer....maybe..... :fl .....a telescoptic magnet can help ya find the bolts in the grass....I have had success many times with one....:)
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    Bruce's Journal

    I've never had a tractor, so am fairly ignorant about there a reason that lock washers aren't used?...just thinking it would keep them from backing out....or are they snapping off?.... :)
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    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    Great news on the tests!!..... :thumbsup ....we'll continue to delay our gathering til things calm down some....we will unquarentine ourselves this next week, but no hurry to get out much, for sure....:)
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Ya remind me of Joyce.... :lol: :hugs:love
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Hang in there Jan, you can do this!!.... :hugs ....things will be ironed out and a closing will be set....during these times, I'm sure there are many things that aren't operating real smoothly, and anywhere near "normal" with so many working remotely....:fl
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    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    Every place needs a "mascot" and being a "trainer" oughtta count for somethin'..... :thumbsup
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    A Jesusfreaks tales of farm life with soon to be five

    I was gonna suggest they could be from a feral litter, since they seem to be abundant there.... :)
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    Thistleblooms Rambles

    And, to me anyway, it smells wonderful while burning, too... :)