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    Two litters due tomorrow!

    Kool ... congrats on the cuties ... figured it was in the tan patterning somewhere (we have otter giant angoras). Good luck with them .. C.
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    Two litters due tomorrow!

    How cute! They look like little otter or chestnut babies ... what colors were the parents?
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    I was at a poultry swap this morning, guess what I brought home? ;p

    Good Morning ... your baby is not a mix. It's a pure holland lop. Hollands were my daughters first breed when entering the ARBA arena of show & 4-H. A young holland with a bad crown and or ear placement will have amazing control of the ears! Some heads will widen out and the ears will drop...
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    Have a tricky qestion I think !

    Let's us all remember that Californian (or Himmi) is a breed and a color pattern. The color pattern, itself, is recognized in many breeds ... big and small. As for the "albino" that is a general term that unknowledgable people often label a red eyed animal ... yes ARBA SOP defines albino as a...
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    Angora goats- BYH Special sale (OHIO)

    Computer has been down ... just found your ad. In the colors, what do you have avaiable. Preference to does/doelings. But would consider a new man.
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    OH - Colored Angora Goats for sale

    Do you have a website?
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    Broken Pattern New Zealand Rabbits ... NE Ohio

    We have the following rabbits for sale: Senior Doe. Proven. Pedigreed. $50 Juniors (8 weeks old). 6 does ... 1 buck ... $15 each w/out pedigrees. $25 each with pedigrees. All from strong show stock ...
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    skinny does fat bucks

    I'm a little confused ... how much are you feeding each NZ per day?
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    What age/breed is she?

    You have a tort ... mini rex ... ooops! Not doe! Remember that the mini gene can produce a larger animal, not standard rex in size. But one that is larger than the breed standard allows. It's just all in the genes and how the dwarfing gene plays out in your particular rabbit. He is a cute...
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    feeding rabbits "antler king"

    I work for TSC ... they can get it. just needs to be ordered and put on a truck! Mine did not carry it a few years back until I asked ... now it sells like crazy!
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    feeding rabbits "antler king"

    Which of the manna pro feeds are you comparing to? Looks to be either show or pro. Not grow, which is the higher protein, better product for meat/wool breeds.
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    wwwwwoooooo hhhhhoooooooo!

    Who did he come out of ... just curious ... as for the pix, lilac torts never pix as good as they are ... just the coloration and cameras. They always look better in person! Congrats on the new kid ...
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    Orig. Post updated - How far to push "6 mos. or 6 lbs" for breeding?

    We do not breed the meat does by age or weight ... We do not breed before they are of senior age or mature senior weight for their breed. But past that it is all in the knowledge of the individual animal that makes the decision. some "mature" faster than others, just as in people. The...
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    HELP !!!!!! ASAP

    Didn't read the whole post, so appologize for any repeats or typos. ... very tired it is fair week! First ... unless you know what the dog ingested (even if it is puking) ... never ... never ... induce vomiting. You can cause more damage doing a blind force. Second ... have lost show dogs...
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    Name the Bunny.

    "Doc" ... from the second pix ... Looks like he is saying ... What's up Doc?