Eliya Sage

My name is Eliya,
I am 13, my birthday is in october, i prefer blue and black over any other colors, I'm homeschooled, I took dance lessons since i was 4, but never got really into it, and this year, i quit, It sucked up too much time and it was too stressful/dramatic. I'll take a good book or an action-filled movie over going to the mall. I'll pretty much take ANYTHING over going to the mall. I love animals and i will until the day i die. Since i was old enough to understand jobs, i've wanted to be a veterinarian, and to this day, i'm set on becoming one. I'd love to specialize in Animal Rehabilitation.

"I can do all things threw christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

I have two pygmy wethers named Grover (Brown&Black) And Castiel (White&Black) who are 1 year old! Their birthday is July 11th.
I also have nine chickens of various breeds and ages,
One female leopard gecko named Elizabith who is 14 years old,
and one German shepherd Beagle mix named Rudy who is 9 years old.
My life revolves and is made up of animals.
i will be getting a Nigerian dwarf doe for milker/pet, before the end of summer. And someday maybe get a miniature donkey. I live on two acres which is large for my small town, though i like to imagine i live on 50,000 acres.
October 11
North Carolina
Current Herd Animal(s)
Pygmy goats, chickens, dog.


"Life is a journey, not a destination, if you try to do it in reverse, you'll see your last day slip by before you know it." -Eliya Sage.



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