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    In need of some Goat knowledge.

    Another fellow Floridian! Since you are new to goats I'd recommend doing a fecal to see what your worm load is since you've treated as you won't be as experienced seeing the early signs and knowing your goats. I still do fecals here and there, although most of the time my predictions are right...
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    Birthing shelter

    I think it's wise to have a stall available when needed, but all does may not need it. Some dams are overprotective and the rest of the herd certainly appreciates it when I leave them with their babies in a stall for a few days. LOL. Others may have an early baby, or tiny triplets I don't want...
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    Odd thoughts about my bad luck this year

    Weve had a tough year two with three unexplained very sudden deaths (2 yr old, 3 month old, 6 weeks old). All super healthy and 4-8 hours later die in our arms. This following three miscarriages/abortions in early January. We sent the last one in for a necropsy, but I'm not optimistic that they...
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    Help Please! (beware-gross pic)

    Of coarse I'd take every precaution and isolate and test. OTOH, that also looks like it could be the site of a vaccine abscess/cyst. I also write down where I give vaccines as we've had one or two small cysts ones pop up after a vaccine and once after a cut near the tail. You might ask the...
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    Milking through show does?

    There's no rule against it with ADGA and we've done it with several goats who have done very well. Some does just won't stay in milk well that long (we have a Nigerian like that) and others thrive on milking over a year. We milked a Lamancha FF that had tremendous production through for 18...
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    First time goat owner and milking

    This is what we do EXCEPT I milk them once a day before the 2-3 weeks. I don't worry about milking them out, or if I only get a few drops if they have 2+ babies. However, if you wait 2-3 weeks after kidding to milk you are likely to have quite the wrestling match with most does. They don't let...
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    Pedilyte for scours

    Any chance you can find someone with some goat milk locally? If you could at least do that for a week even if you had to transition to cows milk it could really help her. If you don't know if they test for can heat to 165' to pasteurize. Where are you located?
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    Rear end weakness after illness in lamb

    Symptoms didn't fit at all, but I"ve learned never say never. LOL. She's obviously on the mend so we did something right.
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    Need counsel..hard kidding

    It's going to vary breeder to breeder. I'd certainly watch her close and take her temp twice a day for 3-4 days if you aren't giving abx. If you decide to you can use Biomyacin/LA200 for 4 days. I've only done prescription abx from the vet when that didn't cut it. I had to go in a totally...
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    Rear end weakness after illness in lamb

    Well, we still don't know the cause, but she's up. A little wobbly and weak in the legs still, but she can get up on her own and run across the yard. She's been eating great and healthy otherwise all this time so we expect a full recovery. I'm not sure she will recover her position as the boss...
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    Rear end weakness after illness in lamb

    So my original thread was this: We took the 8 week old lamb to the vet (Monday) and he thought she had eaten something she shouldn’t based on X-ray. Was treated with abx, IV fluids, light dose of banamine, Bose, and...
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    Bottle baby with broken leg.. advice moving forward

    We’ve had three with a broken leg over the years and all three are grown and healed! Your splint sounds good. We changed ours every few days to make sure it wasn’t rubbing or getting moist and irritating the skin. The vet warned us that a skin infection could be worse than the break! It needs...
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    Sheep help. Not eating and weak.

    Aprox 8 week old ewe lamb, Hampshire. thriving until yesterday. (Like super healthy and growing better than everyone!) Seemed slightly off but it was 89’ here so we thought she just might have gotten hot out in pasture. Twin brother was fine and they were together. 103 temp. Gave fluids orally...
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    One Fine Acre - Check In

    So sorry. While we've been blessed it's been a rough year here kidding too.
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    Full House Farm's kidding thread 2018/19... A little late.

    Ginger and her doeling Secrets boys Davinas boy Daughter won 1st Showmanship (out of 75 Seniors) at the State Fair and her leased doe took BIS in open and youth under judge Karen Akers Smith. Caleb got 4th in Jr showmanship out of around 25. Secrets udder at 1 week fresh. Whisper and...