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    The flies are horrendous!!!

    The sticky fly tape works if you have a place to hang it. Cheap. Also Avon's skin so soft original helps on the skin of cows, horses, dogs and chickens. Goats will smell good too.
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    Cloudy goat eye

    I have a question regarding my 13 year old female goat. Her one I is cloudy.
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    News about Chewy

    So sorry to hear that. I recently had to put my long haired Angora fainting goat of 16 years down. It's hard to decide that, but when it comes down to not letting them suffer, it's the right thing to do. Prayers are with you.
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    Goat momma

    Goat momma
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    New member

    I joined Backyard chickens and saw the forum for herds. I jumped over here to have goat support also. I have had goaties for 17 years, and always learning something new. Currently i have two does. Daisy and Lucky. They know who their human Momma is. I'm glad to be here.