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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I I’ve made sauerkraut in one of. The big crocks. Only thing I ever actually used it for.
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    If you haven’t you should offer some good quality hay or oats also. If she doesn’t improve soon, she may not. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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    You might be a redneck if... share your stories we need the laughs

    Given a newborn piglet mouth to snout resuscitation. We had 200 sows. I’ve done it too many times to even try to count.
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    Is there a cheaper place to buy this?? Eprinex pour-on

    Valley vet or Jeffers are pretty typically about as good as you can do.
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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I called in July thinking I was calling in PLENTY of time for a January butcher date. I had to call 5 places and finally got a June 29, 2021 date. 😱. I thought I’d do my butcher on a 20 month old steer...looks like he’ll be 25 months. Oh well. Should be better beef, I was just hoping to not...
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    Storing alfalfa pellet bags in winter?

    Shake/roll the bag and listen. If it has that new bag sound, your good. If it sounds more dull, you may have some moisture. Moisture itself is ok, just use it before mold gets ahold of it. Feel also may help. If the cubes are solid, they are dry. If they are coming apart, they likely have...
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    Pregnant Pig my 1st time

    If she was with the boar only 2 days, count forward 3 months, 3 weeks and 3days. That will get you REALLY close to a due date. Take a look at farrowing crates online. It would be easy to DIY one.
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    Storing alfalfa pellet bags in winter?

    I’d try to keep them dry. Honestly a couple of free pallets and an inexpensive tarp should easily do the trick.
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    paintedhearts90s journal

    Great start, you have pics!!
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    What do you drive?

    2020 Ram Limited. I also bought a trailer since I can’t haul anything in that.
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    Kunekunes Wattles

    Ok we got our pics. It’s all good now. 😆
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    Kunekunes Wattles

    For that I say...Ban them for life!
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    Coffee anyone ?

    I like the RadarUS app. You may try that one. It will let you do a locate and center “you” on the radar map. It’s a free app.
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    I need a new camera body...

    Sounds like a good upgrade would be the d7200. They can be bought used for around $500 give or take a little.
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    Keep or Sell? Names?

    Looks like Valentine to me.