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    Sow avoiding boar

    Well we have been breeding our tamworth sow to a tam/berk boar for almost 4.5 years, last February (5 months ago) our sow was almost ready to farrow and suffered stillborn piglets due to a situation which stressed her out. I have seen the boar breed her multiple times as recent as a few weeks...
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    Goat with huge lump under ear- possible tumor - Graphic picture added

    Looks like the mastis two crappy sheep we bought had... hope your guy feels better.
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    Door sizing question (let chickens out/prevent goats from getting in)

    my full size sheep and saanan goat can fit into a door that size when they want! you might try something about 8".. but even then not sure how small your mini's are tho
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    PIGLETS!!! (pic)

    awww milk bar... our Ginger (tam sow) glow red like that in the light; very pretty
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    ALL FIVE of my does had triplets! What are the odds?

    ditto,... I think its very odd that you could dare to post about babies and not post a single picture... yet 15 babies from 5 does, what are you thinking. Pick up your camera, get out to their shed and take pictures..... do it immediately! ;)
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    Full size buck to dwarf doe?

    Yes standard buck to a dwarf doe is a very bad idea!
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    Week old kid just found dead :(

    Take your kid goat to the nearest Agriculture College for a necropcy, it will help them learn and help you understand if there was something wrong with the baby but these things do happen. Sorry for your loss.
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    PIGLETS!!! (pic)

    6.5 months is quite young, it may have been her first true heat
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    Who you calling fat......FAT NO MORE!

    OMG the colours... so pretty
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    Strange Friends

    I had a cat that looked exactly like yours... her name was piglet! lol cute pic
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    Sad News - Baby Caramel is dead, Prelim Necropcy report in....Post #27

    aww what a shame, I wonder if having a necropcy (autopsy) would be a good idea, the vet colleges love to be able to teach people.. they are inexpensive and might enlighten you somewhat? Sorry you lost the kid.
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    Kiko Quints!!!

    Beautiful goats... OMG. And you have a lovely family .... 10, 10 children? :ep :bow that is a big beautiful family
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    Kiko Quints!!!

    I believe when you post about new babies the rule is to not respond until the OP (offending poster in this instance) has posted pictures of new babies... especially 5 of them, HELLO.... :idunno I would respond with: plan on supplimenting, on the understanding that you put up a picture this...
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    New to Pig raising

    Our sow can be feisty too... she isn't any more. What I would like to know is what kind of pigs are these... my sow is 650 pounds and boar 750 pounds! lol
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    sounds like she has a little cold or something, it she excreting? Perhaps for now try and get her to drink some warm water with some molasses and see that she is excreting. Is there anything else... you say "they" so are there two pigs and one is acting off? I highly doubt a pig eating hay would...