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    LGD puppy developed bowing of legs

    What was the protein content of your puppy feed?.What I would do is use a cheaper feed and deworm the pup .It would be more helpful if you had charted growth weight of the pup .Feel pretty sure the protein might be the culprit .Real easy to over grow muscle. Keep in mind that high price dose...
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    How to kill everything and start over?

    Not sure if I read it all .First know your enemy. Is it a annual that reseeds it's self or a perennial with a massive root system? If annual keep it cut don't allow it to make seed .If preinnel keep it in the dark .Or working with small areas ,till it deep and plant something like winter...
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    Changing Kid Milk Replacer

    It all comes down to palitablity Tast it if thy taste close or even similar. Fact is the kid is or should be bonded to you ,and drink what you give it .I use Dumur from Tractor Supply it is apples to apples with most milk replacer out there cheaper ,does the job .and a 22 lb. Per kid will almost...
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    Bottle baby issue

    You can start by deluting her milk .add a little less and al ittle less every other day .take all feed out of her bottle .will she nibble grass ? What type of feed are you trying to get her to eat? Palatable kid starter is hard to find here.I use a pelleted groat grower.But bottle babies don't...
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    “Haying” forage?

    Drying stemy woody plants can be done .if run through a crimper they cure better .lots of sun.I will cut rough hay for my goats .Often sweet gum is a nucence. IF YOU LIKE YOUR TREES BETTER FENCE OUT THE GOATS .They love bark and most mosses. Once they eat all the bark all the way around a tree...
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    Chicken poop as herbicide?

    Bermuda is a runner grass shallow rooted.Drought will kill it .If dry enough long enough So you can take off the top 3 inches. Get all the roots .Then a solid 12 in at least border .That extends 6 nches above grade. So start with digging a trench on the outside of the area you wish to till. The...
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    Very sad day on the farm

    I use wire for fasting panels to t post .It is not a bad ideal to have orange cnostruction fence .fastened to hot fence post If well placed it can turn a flock .For years I have incorporated concrete supplies into farming.#4 rebar makes the best hot wire post .I buy it in 20 foot lengths and...
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    Jersey Bull growth!!!! Help please!

    Maybe you didn't say what they wanted to hear.:idunnoI wonder if the bull was a bottle calf .Won't grow out as well as a cow nursed calf.I would like to see a little more bullish look in one that age .For that reason alone I would clamp him .
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    Problems with birthing this year

    Have you had anyone do a Necropsy ?or fical floats ? Barber pole worms do that to goats .Also hoof rot .
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    LGD Behavior Issues

    This is such a heartbreaking story.sad that there are so many worthless people .When they tested poor Badger were there leesions on his brain? Since starting with these dogs ,we have sold three litters .If even now someone came to me with such a story . I would take back the dog refund thier...
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    LGD Behavior Issues

    As I read this it makes me sad .LGDs are new in my life pretty much .I know insanity is inherited. Once they get a taste for blood .Flock guarding is over .And if it even gets the notion to attack a child life is over. I lucked out.My first dog is amazing .Thinking Pyrenees/Anatolian and just...
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    Ladybug, really.

    :idunnoAsian lady beetles . Are a nuisance around here . So if they bite smell bad when you crush them that is what you have . Light and warmth will attract them . there is a bag trap with a sent lure .Looks kinda like a Japanese beetle trap .They call it a Asian lady beetle trap . I got mine at...
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    How to be taken seriously when buying a goat.

    Want to learn about goats . simple. Find and go to a livestock auction barn . Almost all have goat sales . If anyone in your area has goats to sell they'll be there .Sit down next a farmer and start talking . I know they have goat auctions over there . If you can't find a sale barn there come...
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    Planting Pasture with Browse?

    Don't know as I ever heard of anyone wanting to plant brush before .:hu I've spent half my life fighting It:gigHowever there are simple things like wild lettuce that spread like wild fire through good pasture . Goats love it . Fence in a small plot and plant some . It spreads seed like...
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    My Great Pyrenees and the Rain

    Pyrenees or at least the ones I have love wet weather . They go where the goats go . We have cedar so thick even heavy rain barely gets through. The goats go under the trees and the dogs run around in the rain .This morning steady rain and wind and temperatures falling .Bella is just laying out...