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    Our breeding room

    What we used to have for our breeders.
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    Pig water system made life so easy back then

    It is all ran by a small pond pump. Never had an issue with the nipples. The shut off valve is to add pressure to the nipples so they shut off when pigs stop drinking.
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    Pig water system made life so easy back then

    Put this together for those really cold nights. Hope you like what you see then Subscribe and hit the bell. looking to do more videos like this as our farm grows. Till next time...Out
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    Selling Wholesale

    its been way to long scene i have been on here. Have you had any luck with your rabbitry? where in VT are you?
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    warm water for calves

    Ok so I have a few things here. I just got 2 awesome calves 5 days old today and doing wonderful. learned a lot from our last 2 last year. Main topic is water. this time around I have been told warm water free choice in about a week. So I went out and bought one of those $50 heated buckets. I...
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    need idea for fence

    ok I have this area that I would really like to put up chicken wire for my duck to free range within this area. My problem is this is not a place I can dig. Is there a way to fence it in or am I in need to find a new spot. Thank you
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    With no sign we have had both jersey calves die. Both 3.5 months old. Eating and drinking just fine one day and then nothing the next day. The older one went first and now the younger one. All happen so fast. Any clue from anyone what might of happened to them. They Have Been IN The barn. Each...
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    my damn dog is afraid of her own shadow. Chocolate lab
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    I carry a small gun with me every now and then but have not seen it for a few days.
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    Done that = nothing
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    Ok people how the heck do I grab this darn thing in my barn. It has been killing my meat birds fast. All this time I thought it was a weasel or rats until the day I came face to face with this thing. I went to grab something to crack this thing over the head and as soon as I turned around it was...
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    putting Jersey bulls to pasture

    It would really depend if I can find a market for the beef. I would like to start to buy females and breed them then sell them as milkers. What ever looks better for me down the road.
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    putting Jersey bulls to pasture

    They are going on 8 weeks and 10 weeks. We bought them from an all organized ic farm. We have ten and a half acres but not one foot of it has a fence. That's the reason for the barn until spring. We made the pens 12 X 8 with a hole in the middle wall for the water. We hope to have al animal on...