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    Jokes and Fun!

    I might have to share some of my puns here.... according to my brother-in-law - "You'll make a great dad someday." Apparently they're so cheesy they're considered dad jokes :lol::idunno
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    Prayer Requests & Praises

    If anyone is interested, I just started a Bible Verse of the Day thread on BYC and have been posting the YouVersion verses of the day with verse images for folks to read and share. If you'd like to see a new verse/matching image each day, please check it out. Hoping it can serve as some...
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    Prayer Requests & Praises

    Hoping you are all well and just checking in to see if anyone needs prayer or has praise. Please pray for sumi's family and friends. We've lost a big part of BYC/BYH/TEG/SS and she will surely be missed. Please ask for healing and peace to those who have known her. On a side note, ight now...
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    Thank you for all you've done here and across the other sites- we will miss you. Rest in peace.

    Thank you for all you've done here and across the other sites- we will miss you. Rest in peace.
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    Remembering Sumi

    Praying for her son- sumi, we will sincerely miss you- thank you for all you've done.. Be at peace.
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    Happy Easter, BYH!

    Happy Easter, BYH friends! Hoping that today, you may be able to spend time with those you love in some way. Go show your herd animals a little extra care and affection too! If you're a believer, take some time to meditate on the true significance of today and take to heart what it really means...
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    Prayer Requests & Praises

    Pray for our nation in this time that has turned into crisis. This virus has turned the country upside down- pray for everyone affected including other countries too.
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    Prayer Requests & Praises

    Hey folks, how are you doing this fine Sunday? Just checking in to see if we have any new prayer requests, or if maybe there's some praise out there! (Image from the YouVersion Bible app)
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    Merry Christmas

    Thank you everyone- hope it was great for you!
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    Merry Christmas

    Thanks everyone here at BackYard Herds for all you do to help others learn more about the care of their herd critters, the information you share, and all in all just thanks for being you. Happy Holidays everyone, and have a great New Year!
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    It was an "I quit" day.

    An approach I would say mainly inspired by my husband is this: life is full of failures, why not make an experience of it? And when you succeed, it's so much more rewarding. Yea yea, pickles are cheap at the store and 1/8 of the trouble. But I'm telling you, after growing those cucumbers and...
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    Horse Treats

    When I grew up with horses, I never tried baking treats for them but used to find some at Tractor Supply later on that had apple and oatmeal I believe? They loved them so much!
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    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    Best wishes to you @B&B Happy goats :hugs Get to feeling better and have a speedy recovery
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    MtViking- A little piece of paradise.

    Love the photo of the cabin and country. Hopefully you can get out for a good hunt soon. It's great to hear the generations can gather and get out in the woods together. Even if nothing is killed, it's still great memories.