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    Poisoning in young rabbit (probably buttercup/ranunculus)

    I can't give any advice, but I'm curious how they are doing today?
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    Examining a new doe

    Hi, all. I think we may be picking up a doe from a breeder we don't know this weekend. I'm really nervous about being able to examine an unfamiliar doe with a breeder I don't know. If we were buying a buck or if it was a breeder I know, I'd feel a lot more comfortable, but I've never had much...
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    BYC members unite on BYH!

    Yep. I'm on both. 😁
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    Intro to my menagerie.

    Thank you all! It's nice to meet you. They are somewhat rare. They were only recently introduced to the US by Glenn Carr. He brought them from Holland. They are characterized by their deep red color and full, chubby faces. I am still learning about them because I am no rabbit expert...
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    Intro to my menagerie.

    Hello! We live in the Midwest. We have ducks, chickens, dogs, and a thrianta rabbit. We plan to get a thrianta doe soon so my kids will be able to each show and we will be able to breed them. We used to have French angoras, but they were a lot of work and kind of mean. 😆 Eventually, we hope...