My avatar is my little dog, June. We rescued her from a shelter a few years back and has a completely bald chin and mouth. They started to slowly fall out a few months later... (The vet just shrugged. We have no idea why they fell off XD)

Back to me! I have had a passion for farming for a while now. I've just never gotten around to actually having the land to raise livestock and farm my own food... So I made myself comfortable with volunteering with rabbits and owning multiple dogs, and many that have passed away. (June is my only dog at the moment.) But now, I've decided to chase my dream -- to homestead! I've been looking and waiting for it. I definitely have the time and devotion. I won't be using it as a living (although if the opportunity came, I would take it...) but as a way to lower my grocery bill in turn for feed and veterinary costs.

In the meantime, I've decided to sign up here and stock myself up on all the information possible! (By the way, any newbs out there, check out backyardchickens.com <-- most of my research info from there!) If I'm not researching, I'm doing my strange but hobbies that I adore. Reading and eating, a specialty that I excel at any time of day. In the middle of the night, during a meeting, in the bathroom (it’s happened before, not ashamed), and it hurts to say tha ti have been defeated by a goat before. I was eating a sandwich near one of the goat pens and when I was talking to someone, the goat reached through the spaces of the gate and gobbled it up. (It spat out the bread and deli meat… You evil thing, you!) Other than my sad fate and place in life, I love to draw. Sketches are a passion. But what I really love are animals. I can’t bring myself to hate them, even though I have never cringed at the thought of butchering them. (This might change in the future… I’m a softie at heart.)

Oh! I also want to note that I can’t soak up information when it comes to livestock diets… It’s confusing, but I’m willing to learn it! >:3

November 14
Southern California, USA
Current Herd Animal(s)
None (for now :)




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