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    2019 Honeybee swarms, lessons, successes and learning experiences

    I have seen on other threads that you paint your boxes. Have you ever used exterior acrylic paint? Do you know if it is safe to use Acrylic paint to paint the outside of the brood boxes and supers? Thanks.
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    New to Bee Keeping

    Hi! :frow I am getting my first nuc of bees this spring! I have had chickens for a long time and have been on BYC for many years. I am now venturing over here because this is where they say the bee forums are at! I also have a garden, a couple of turkeys and I do a lot of canning. My first...
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    BYC Conversion Questions & Answers (During Conversion)

    How do I get to the new BYC site? When I click on my old link, I get a blank page. 2 days ago, it was still taking me to the old site where I was waiting for news that would tell me how to get to the new site & that it was up and ready to be used.
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    Hi I'm Karen

    Hi, my name is Karen and I am coming over here from BYC while BYC switches to their new forum/platform. I currently don't have any herd animals ( just poultry). I use to raise meat rabbits (New Zealand whites), but I haven't had any rabbits for 10 years. My husband said poultry or rabbits...