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    Selling one of the mules

    Handsome Mr Jack tapes at 16 hands and is about 8 years. He rides and doesn’t seem bothered by gunfire. I was told he was used for logging in his earlier days. He lowers his head for the bit, picks up all four feet and stands for saddling, mounting and farrier. He is very sweet and affectionate...
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    Missing goat

    So very bad news and slight consolation is about what I have to report. Not stolen, so nobody broke into my property. Found her dead today. Near as I can tell she got bitten by a snake, found a cool hiding spot, layed down and died. Not much to do but grieve. She was peaceful when she went...
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    Missing goat

    I’m hoping her being a her, in milk, and pretty will keep her from being eaten but there’s no telling. Mostly I’m hoping she either got out and someone thought they were rescuing her or that she got chased away by a dog and hasn’t made it home yet. There’s at least plenty of food and water and...
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    Missing goat

    I have a large mature Nubian doe in milk missing. She’s black with frosted ears. I don’t see how she could be gone without help, hopefully someone saw her out and thought they were doing a good thing picking her up. If anyone comes across a Nubian around Calhoun City MS, let me know. There’s...