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    Tips for overweight doe

    Lol I agree they seem to get chunky fast. so she has 3x2 ft cage and access to a 3x7 ft run which she prefers not to use it seems. here are some pictures of the chunky monkey her names Juniper. I will try to up her feed again =/
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    Tips for overweight doe

    Hey ya'll I have a standard rex doe that I purchased who was much more overweight than orignally advised. I'm looking for advice on slimming her down (healthily) any tips? She is on 1/4 cup all timothy pellet and free feed timothy hay.
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    Cost effective pellet alternatives?

    I havent been able to fully remove pellets from my rabbits diet but i do use a fodder system. I have used wheat grass, barley, and some sprouts such as sunflower (not such goo dluck with these i'm afraid). They LOVE the wheat fodder but I do have to grow about 2 trays per day. I will say my hay...
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    Rabbit Odor?

    There's this product (marketed for horses but works for everything) called stall refresher. after digging out your floor i'd put a bit of that down.
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    standard Rex breeding question

    Hey everyone, hoping for some opinions/ help with a breeding question. I currently have 2 bucks and 4 pedigreed Rex rabbits in my rabbitry. Finally ready to start breeding and i'm not sure which buck to pair with which doe. I have a chocolate buck (great type great coloring) and a blue buck...
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    Rabbit Cage Suggestions

    thank you! I was worried about the depth as well, I have short arms and a scrunched bun is hard to reach. It seems making them myself might be he best route. Do you think the dropped nest boxes are safe?
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    Rabbit Cage Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to do a complete overhaul of my rabbitry. I raise pedigreed standard Rex rabbits and would like the biggest cage size available which seems to be 36X30X18 (correct me if i'm wrong). Does anyone have any brand suggestions? Most well made cages for a decent price? I would...