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    Questions about milk goats

    I follow the same routine as Rence. I just put the kids in a stall together and the moms in in stalls next to the kids. They sleep side by side and can touch noses,and see each other, just can't nurse. This seems to keep stress at a minimum and very little crying goes on. It works well here...
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    errrr darn fence

    so sorry you are aggrivated. I hate it when I fall short on something like that. but on the bright side, at leat you can blame hubby!!!:lol:
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    Hi all. I am in Sequatchie County,Tn. Me,hubby 6 children,1 son-in-law, dairy goats, chickens, and a host of other critters. Glad to be here.:lol:
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    Hello, from Tennessee

    Well, I am a member on BackYardChickens and decided to venture over. I have chickens (of course) and dairy goats and a host of other critters. I am a wife, and mom of 6 plus one son-in-law. I guess the pretty much says it all.:D