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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    :O I can see why people would consider beef to be super intimidating. I like the idea of starting with rabbits for practice and then going up. Maybe people could try doing sheep next before beef? You know I wonder why those horsehoeing and tack guys don't do this? These guys seem to always be...
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    Survival Foods & cooking sprouts?

    So I wanted to ask how you would cook sprouts if you had to in survival situations? I don't really do this normally; I use the barley fodder sprouts with some sunflower seeds in it also as sprouts for the animals. It seems that some people do eat the stuff? But nobody says how they actually...
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    pasture management '?'

    Thank you both glad I asked.
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    pasture management '?'

    Can you typically feed livestock irrigation water? I wanted to be sure on this. I'd been around farms a lot. But many of the areas I lived people had wells. And when growing up I didn't always think of what if I was starting out somewhere else where you had to start up all those things on your...
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    Calculating ram versus ewe numbers?

    Wow. Thanks! I like it. And I take it your system would have a pregnancy ratio that is really high or you wouldn't do it.
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    Calculating ram versus ewe numbers?

    So I've been wondering how do you decide how many rams you can have for how many ewes? I would guess you can't have that many. I don't know much about sheep yet. But its a good time to learn. Is it also a mistake to have too few rams, where if something happens to 1 and he's the only 1 you...
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    Can all grains be winter sown (seeding)?

    So one strategy for some type of grains to be grown (which are then used for people and animals) is to sow the seed before winter rather than at the end of winter. Something like that anyway. I'm not an expert. But I wondered if there's limits to which grains you can do this with? Could you...
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    Sheep dog question, for sheep dogs herding sheep

    Would it be a problem and create trouble if you are feeding a sheep dog feed made from your own slaughtered sheep? It seems like if you didn't want to use money for dog food then you might potentially use some of the meat from your own sheep. But in doing so would there be any problems with...
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    Farmhouse question? (Rural issues...)

    So...wanted to check and ask this of the rest of you... Do you guys that live outside towns have to worry about pipes freezing in the farmhouse more than the people in the nearby towns? (And if in cold winter areas...) And if so how do you avoid it? I've been curious about this because I'd...
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    Electric fence

    Does this mean that the budget electric fence kits aren't powerful enough for larger animals? And does that mean other large animal predators will also go right through them? (Asked in response to pigs being able to go right through them.)
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    Electric fencing for pigs - what do you think?

    I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing part of the main point of an electric fence through a wooded area is that you'd have to make sure you don't have tree roots absorbing power by growing near or ending up touching some of the rods, stuff. In theory the math is that anything touching it could...
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    Boers, breeding, electric fence

    You said... I rotate the sheep with electric netting. It seems more hit and miss with goats. I'm hoping that with the kids being 2months old and the sheep already trained to it that they'll figure it out quick and respect it. It's on a 2joule charger. I wanted to ask for clarification on...
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    Sheep questions (beginner)

    So I don't have sheep and haven't done them. But I'm thinking about trying them. If you have them out to pasture are they smart enough to not overgraze the same spot and go to the next one? (I hear goats are terrible about stripping everything down. Although many ppl here probably like goats.)...
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    Fact check please? Fact of fiction article on fodder... & questions

    So...I found this article online about fodder and wanted to ask others what they thought about it, and if they agreed or disagreed. Specifically the part I wanted to fact check is...
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    2 Rabbit questions...

    That's really amazing. And thanks for bringing this up.