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    Goat stress

    We had a sudden cold snap last night and when I woke up this morning one of my goats had diarrhea. Could the sudden cold have stressed her out?
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    We recently took a 1085lb black angus steer to be butchered and came home with 425lbs of meat! Which now our boy was a big boned steer that we fed out for three months instead of the normal two. Because he turned into an escape artist! And we couldn’t find were he kept getting out of the five...
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    I’m with you! I tend to lurk and read other peoples stuff but I’m just getting going in a goat venture and really need some guiding. So I’m trying to be more active and social. Here’s two of my girls... and of course my best girl and 3yr son!
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    Nubian Lamancha cross

    Thank you! I’ve been debating over a little buckling that popped up for sale. I won’t be breeding my girls until next year because he is only 3 weeks old. I tend to like my long ears but mostly because we raised Mules growing up. 😂 I’m hoping for some spots since this little buckling is spotted...
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    Nubian Lamancha cross

    I’m looking at a 75%nubian 25%lamancha cross buckling to breed to my Nubian does. What are y’all’s thoughts on the cross?
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    Hello, I’m Laura from middle TN. We are currently raising Nubian goats, cows, pigs, chickens, a horse a donkey and one wild 3 yr old boy! I look forward to learning a lot here!