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    New Piggies!

    Yeah, after just a day of having them, I'm not really worried at all :sick They are going to be delicious! :drool
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    New Piggies!

    We got 2 pigs on Sunday, destined for the freezer. They are super cute tho, hope I don't get too attached:
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    Share your pics of Feeders/Waterers

    We will soon be getting two feeder piglets, our very first. I need advice on feeders/waterers. I've read Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs but I guess I am more of a visual learner, beccause that section was not very helpful... Does anyone have pics of homemade feeders/waterers they'd like to...
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    I'm in West Fairlee, about an hour north of you on 91 No cows....yet ;)
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    Any VTers out there??
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    Hello from Vermont!

    I am so excited to see the BYH website! I came here via BYC. We live in Vermont and currently have chickens and ducks in addition to dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. DH would really like to raise a couple for piglets for the freezer this summer and someday I hope to convince him (or make it seem...