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    Infected debudding site.

    I wouldn't hesitate to use peroxide if it is oozing and smelly. Check temperature. I wouldn't use antibiotics yet unless she has a temperature.
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    Femoral Head Ostectomy and Hip Dysplasia in Sentry

    Good luck. He is lucky to have you. :love
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    New goats...rough coats...

    They look fine.
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    Kunekune Going Downhill Fast

    I hope he continues to improve.
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    Kunekune Going Downhill Fast

    I asked my wife who used to work on a commercial hog farm and at the NC State Swine Unit. She said it was probably pneumonia. Treat with antibiotics and banamine is all you can do.. She said they usually used penicillin.
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    For your consideration Sinai Thunder AD Valiant *B FS88 ?VVE D001711922 Polled Both Valiant's dam and sire are Elite Does and milked over 1300 lbs. I currently have 5 daughters and his semen in the tank, so time for him to help another herd. Located in central North Carolina PM for more...
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    Are Goat studs profitable?

    I think I addressed that question as well.
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    Are Goat studs profitable?

    I don't think that getting a couple of bucks just to have a stud business is a very good business plan. I'll put it that way. :) I don't know a good business plan for making much money with goats. If I come up with one, I'll let you all know.
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    Are Goat studs profitable?

    People do lease bucks. Many do. I just don't know of any serious breeder that would rely exclusively on using other peoples bucks.
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    Are Goat studs profitable?

    Not usual for us, but we leased a Nigerian buck this year. This despite the fact that we own I think 8 of them. LOL But, we know who is and where he is. We own his grandmother and got him specifically to breed to her (Zamia) and his aunt (Clarabelle). We also bred him to several others while...
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    Are Goat studs profitable?

    I know a pretty well known Nigerian Dwarf breeder who used to keep a buck every year to let other people breed their does. He kept a good buck, not necessarily a great buck. He also kept it in a different pen than his other goats. He didn't breed any of his does to the buck. And at the end of...
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    Are Goat studs profitable?

    I don't know any seasoned goat owners that don't own their own bucks.
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    Jumping the Moon Dairy - the next chapter

    I'm glad the puppies are doing well and sorry you aren't. I hope things get better soon.
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    Rita... The BIRTHDAY Girl!

    Did you or anyone ever find out anything about what was going on with her?