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    White Muscle Disease - Help!

    Sorry you lost her. It never get's easier. We keep thiamine on hand too.
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    ISO Nigerian Dwarf - Is this a good idea?

    If the does you have already are decent, the best way to accomplish what you describe is to acquire a good buck.
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    White Muscle Disease - Help!

    We've given newborn nigerians 1/4 cc of BoSe. And then maybe another 1/4 cc the 2nd day afterwards. We give our does 1cc about a month before they kid. We did have a kid die once when it was about 3 days old and the necropsy indicated WMD. She was the smallest of quads.
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    Poka_Doodle's journal

    Hey Poka Doodle. Glad you are well.
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    We'v been under a mask mandate in NC for 5 months and had our highest number of daily infections one day last week. The numbers have been going up for weeks. It appears that the mask mandate isn't working. Some people are arguing that it isn't working because everyone isn't complying. I'm...
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    Ready or Not....... Shouldvknwnbetter- Fall

    How's Granite? Do you still have him?
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    A little goat management brag.

    Guess who was Best in Show, and Best Udder in Show at the NC State Fair ? That's right, the old girl still has it. FYI, there was no Fair, but the Dept of Ag put on all of the Youth Livestock Shows. Climate Control was Grand Champion Toggenburg. Judge said it was between her and Zamia for BIS...
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    New Feed and Water Station - What do you think?

    Yes, it is frost free. It has a drain at the bottom so when you turn the water off, it drains out of the pipe.
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    New Feed and Water Station - What do you think?

    Maurine finally got her project done. Objective was to be able to roll off a round bale that the goats to eat off of free choice. Be able to fill feed trough from outside. And, have water ( you can see the new yard hydrant) the plan being to have a couple of auto waters. What do you think?
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    Cost of hay where you are?

    I pay $40 to $50 for 900 lb round bales.
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    Nigerian dwarf goats

    How's the bottle feeding going? The seller did you a huge disservice in selling you dam raised kids at 4 weeks old to switch to a bottle. That's a tough thing to do. You just have to work with them. You are going to have to hold them and literally pry their mouth open and force them at...
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    Baymule's 2020 Feeder Pigs!

    Oh, we booked the appointment at least 4 months ago. Another house is 6 months for hogs. Beef you have to book a year out here. We have an appointment for next year on one of those. .
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    Baymule's 2020 Feeder Pigs!

    We actually just went and bought 3 hogs today. 2 were 350 lbs and the other was 320. Paid the farm $0.60 per pound. Leaving them on the trailer tonight and taking them to the slaughter house tomorrow. We are taking one and Maurine's sister is taking the other two. She has a meat handlers...
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    A little goat management brag.

    Zamia kidded today with a single doe. She's gorgeous. :love
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    A little goat management brag.

    She's 10 now , but she appraised 92 EEEE as an 8 year old and was 3rd placed aged doe with 1st place udder at the ADGA National Show that year. She was dry all last year, and we haven't had any goat shows this year. There is going to be a youth show at the NC State Fair and we may show her...