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    Nevermind!! :)

    My opionion for horse #1, yes lunge before riding. Do it saddled and see what the response is. Still bucking and such I would start looking for a physical reason causing pain. Poor saddle fit, back or hock pain etc... If NO bucking while lunging but does when you get on, it still could be back...
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    New Summer Motorcycle Jacket (PIX)

    I'm not a motorcycle person, but that is cool!:thumbsup
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    Two horse behaviour issues i need help with ;-)

    Lipping will lead to all out biting if not stopped. A bad disrespectful habit. Yes, under saddle and he starts it, put him to work, make him move for a bit then rest. Eventualy, he will realize "man, I don't like the moving my feet so much. Its a lot easier to just stand here and do nothing". It...
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    I'm glad she is doing better for you. Maybe its just the mare in her since it isn't all the time. I quit fooling with mares years ago when I got into draft horses. I don't like the idea of 2000lbs of "mareish"!:thumbsup
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    Two horse behaviour issues i need help with ;-)

    Both of your issues are generaly out of disrespect. My Belgian used to be "nippy" when he was younger. Everytime he would go to nip, I would raise my elbow, fist etc.. and let him bop his own nose into me. Then he was like, "where did that come from"? Between that and some age he has stopped. As...
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    Tossing head?

    I would have to say it would be in the mouth. Could be the wrong bit, tounge getting OVER the bit, wolf teeth, or simply maybe needing some more ground training. But I more believe it has to do with the bit. Something sounds like it is uncomfortable.
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    My horse died ... *Cry*

    I'm so sorry.:hugs It sounds like colic to me.
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    We are from Talladega. Any race fans? Jeff Gordan & Jimmie Johnson here.:weee
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    Hey everybody!

    I'm new here, from Talladega Alabama. I am married to a wonderful man named wayne, and we have a ten year old son named Kirby. We have two Belgian geldings, Tank & Sumo. We also have four dobermans, an Australian shepherd and a Beagle/Bluetick hound mix. Two ferrets, a fire bellied toad and a...