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    GW & SBC's kidding thread: 2019

    Curious what you mean by the nostrils? Very much enjoy following y'all's thread. You have some very nice goats!! :love
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    Hi, back again from last year with my FF Goat Joli (Question)

    They are cute! Congrats on the healthy DOE kids!! :love
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    Quick Advice Needed

    I would definitely be keeping an eye on her. Is she pushing at all? If so, how long? Anymore than an hour and I would recommend cleaning up and going in to see what's going on.
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    Quick Advice Needed

    Do you know how long she's been in labor? One of my does did this the night before kidding but that's the only time I saw that. How is your doe acting? Is she off in any way? Do you know when her due date is?
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    Getting 2 Kids

    They are super cute! Congrats on your new adventure!!
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    Hello everybody

    Hi!! Welcome from Texas!! :welcome
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    How close is kidding?

    I would definitely keep an eye on her. I would be checking her every day. Look for pawing, getting up and down, discharge, and spaced out eyes. Keep us posted!! :pop
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    Pioneer Chicken - April Happenings

    Sooo, Thunder wasn't getting along with her new little sis so I offered to trade Cloud for Thunder. I was also really missing Thunder and realized the moment she left, that I had sold the wrong doe. I'm so happy to have her home. Cloud and her new little sis have bonded well!! All's well that...
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    SA Farm's journal

    Cute goslings and chicks! Love their LOTR names too! <3 So glad the eggs are all showing signs of life after the power outage. I know that can be super stressful. Your lambs are just the cutest. :love
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    Pioneer Chicken - April Happenings

    Thunder went to her new home yesterday. She’s such a sweet girl and I’m so happy about where she is now. The chicks are finally outside. The weather has been nice although it was 44F this morning.:confused: Baby Girl is definitely showing signs of pregnancy. She is due mid June.:pop The boys...
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    ND Losing Fur- Any Vet Recommendations for N. TX?

    Update!! After Baby Girl's two diluted Permethrin treatments, she is looking great. Her fur is growing back on her muzzle and ears. I'm so happy! Thank y'all so much!! <3 I'm sorry the photos aren't super great and, yes, I caught her chewing cud. Hehe
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    Ella (A Barn Cat’s Journey of Mothering)

    Congrats on the kittens!!! They are soooo cute!!! One of my neutered cats (when we kept him outside) found a kitten and killed it. I was so mad at him. He acts like a tom in so many ways. : (
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    SA Farm's journal

    Your lambs are so cute!!! Oh my goodness, I can hardly handle it!! Great shots by the way! Your ducklings are adorable. I understand on wanting to keep all birds in one location. I've got three separate areas right now- my main coop, chick coop, and naughty hen pen (broody bantam hen flew out...
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    SA Farm's journal

    Cute!! I was thinking cochin or silkie due to the feathered legs. Mama hen is so pretty!! It'll be neat to see the chicks grown!!