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    buying sheep

    I agree that they could use a little nutrition. Do you offer them any loose minerals (specifically for sheep)? How about hay? When my girls are lactating, I give them some grain and good alfalfa hay. They keep their weight. Also, check the results of the fecal for any worm loads that may need...
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    buying sheep

    I have three rams who live together most of the year. They are all friendly. I scratch their necks and clean their wool. Never touch the top of their heads or push on their head to steer them or move them. They're a nice group of gentlemen. I've had them all since they were young. My oldest ram...
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    buying sheep

    Perhaps if you speak to the woman who sold you the ram, she'd be willing to either trade you for a wether or sell you a young wether for a modest price. I bought my buck from a breeder who always includes a wether if he's the only male. Cool idea, although I've never encountered this...
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    buying sheep

    My new ram, Casper (Finnsheep) was 4 months old when I got him and 8 months old when he bred 5 ewes. He was not allowed contact with the ewes until breeding time. I keep a wether with my little Nigerian buck to keep him happy and calm and I keep two rams for the same reason. A ram by himself...
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    New lamb and yearling owners....

    The little fellow that didn't get colostrum will need to be watched carefully. Lambs that don't get the colostrum are sometimes touch and go. Do you know if mom was vaccinated with cdt about a month before they were born? Bottle babies can definitely be overfed. Follow the guidelines to the...
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    Since Shetland Sheep are seasonal breeders with the ewes coming into season in October or November, I'd say that your ewe is probably pregnant. Back calculating with the earliest date of October 1, she'd be due at the end of February. I agree with norseofcourse with separating the ram. The ewe...
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    Mud and Pregnant Ewes

    My neighbors have an area that gets very deep mud. He has a lot of hoof problems and lameness during the wet season. Do your sheep have any problems with mud packing their oil gland on their feet? Or scald from the mud? My neighbor is forever treating for both. You have beautiful sheep and...
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    Because BYH

    I don't post all that much but I'm always using the search option to find answers. Very valuable place.
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    Straightening out a trailer?

    I might park the trailer next to a couple of sturdy wooden fence posts and then use a chain and come-a-long to persuade those poles out.
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    new to sheep

    I started with registered stock. Finnsheep. One good aspect of beginning with registered stock is that you can see the lineage. Looking at the lineage is interesting and educational. When adding a ram in the future, it is possible to see shared ancestors. This can alert you to potential good and...
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    Minimum # of feet goat pasture should be from big pond

    The local extension office is a great resource for those questions. Also, the conservation department can do a wildlife survey of your land and give you a plan (all voluntary) for erosion control, fire breaks, and other improvements. There is grant money available for even small farmers for...
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    Coughing... Lung worms OR Virus?

    I just saw your post. I'm sorry to hear about the cough in your goats. Its so frustrating. I think you may have better luck with some advice by posting in the goat section. The goat people on here are so helpful and kind. Well, everyone is really. Don't be discouraged. The goat experts will...
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    My new ewe lamb is sick

    Pipestone got back to me: "I don’t know if she has originated in a fluke area. Fluke diagnosis may not be correct. What is correct is she is trying to recover from an disabling condition or conditions and it’s a long road back. I would worm her with levamisole, correct dosage that is listed on...
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    My new ewe lamb is sick

    I have contacted the University of Arkansas Agricultural School. They've forawrded my letter to the Veterinary School. I'm hopeful they're going to help. Thank you for the advice.
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    BYH Official Poll: What are the things that you should consider before buying herds?

    Also be sure to have test results in hand for the animals you're bringing home. Do not ever ever bring an untested animal to your property. Some diseases live in the soil for years! Demand test results for the prevalent diseases of the selected animal. Never take anyone's word for it. Walk away...