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    Beginnings of labor?

    The goo in that last picture looks like the plug to me, not like the Amber colored rope of goo that means babies are coming right now. Do you have a recent picture of her udder? If you can, can you try to pinch the skin of the udder? If the skin is loose and you can easily get alot of skin...
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    I've had goats for several years, Nigerian Dwarfs, varying ages, usually have 5, but now have 11, and I can tell you for sure, no way all 11 eat 800 dollars with of hay in 2 months!! I could never afford to feed them at that cost. I'd say at most I spend 300 a month for TOP quality alfalfa, much...
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    Help! Is she pregnant or in heat?

    8 cups of grain per day, total?? Goats always want more grain, but I think she may be getting to much. Not sure... you should look that up. Free choice hay you can't go wrong on really. If it's good quality...
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    must they be bred?

    I'll let the experts weigh in... I've heard pigs can lose fertility if not bred in the first 18 months of life. Goats don't ever have to be bred, but again, could have fertility issues if you wait too long. No idea about rabbits.
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    Sound like premature birth impending?? please weigh in

    Thank you for pointing out my mistake!!! She was bred November 19, so due APRIL 15th. Edited my first post to correct my mistake. I wish she was due March though.... I am so ready to see baby goats, and I wouldn't be freaking over her symptoms. The mushy hind end, no ligs, and the floppy...
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    Sound like premature birth impending?? please weigh in

    We have a fainter doe, first freshener, due April 13. I checked her ligs today because I noticed her vulva was huge, very puffy and pink, and kinda looking loose. I couldn't find her ligs!! I had to dig really deep and low to find ANYTHING feeling like ligaments, and her tail is all wonky. No...
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    Missed Bottle Feeding consequences?

    I don't think one missed feeding will hurt him. Give your bf a kissy, and tell him he is still a good goat daddy. ;) Keep an eye on your buckling for the usual signs of illness, but I'm sure one night of no food will not hurt him. Lots of people lock the kids away from their mom's at night so...
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    is having pigs practical for just two people?

    Don't rule out smaller pigs! Kune kune, American guinea hogs are smaller breeds, give less meat than standard size pigs, plus they eat less and need less. Two is a good idea since they need a buddy, and u can sell one to cover butcher costs or feed costs at the end. You might need a desperate...
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    Help! Is she pregnant or in heat?

    I would guess 3 to 7 days. Keep a close eye on the udder, when it gets huge, it's a sign she is very close.
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    Our Infant Son Has Brain Cancer- HOME AGAIN!!!

    Quick update.... Spencer came home with us last night! He is MUCH happier here at home. Now we just have to clean his neck wound, and keep his heart catheter flushed, watch for infection or fever, and make sure he gets his medications on time. Docs wanna start chemo next Tuesday....We are...
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    New Heritage Breed Chicken Additions To Our Farm...

    They all sound good! What are they like as far as winter lay rates? Are they just for eggs, or are you going to eat them too?
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    Our Infant Son Has Brain Cancer- HOME AGAIN!!!

    Been a long few days.... We had the permanent shunt put in. Spencer is so irritable and unhappy, he now has thrush in his mouth to top it all off. His physical function is so bad, he can only move one leg. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE DOCTORS SAID WOULD HAPPEN!!!! They said he would regain more...
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    Our Infant Son Has Brain Cancer- HOME AGAIN!!!

    Spencer is now resting comfortably after a 3 hour surgery to place a permanent shunt into his brain. The hope is it will keep his brain fluids from building up and putting pressure on his brain. This cancer is so weird and hard to describe. It's rare to begin with, but since it is also...
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    Wish me luck! First time goat mid wife.

    Crazy exciting!!! Get your birthing kit ready! Hope all goes smooth and you enjoy the experience. Will be waiting for pics!!! Btw, any hopes for certain sexes?
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    Our Infant Son Has Brain Cancer- HOME AGAIN!!!

    MRI shows A LOT of fluid in the brain. They have him on diuretics to try to get the fluid out, but they fully expect to do surgery later today. (It's 4 am here) . They expect to drain fluid, then possibly put in a permanent shunt. Can't help but be upset with his last docs...They sent him home...