Ron Bequeath

I am 68 years old from eastern Ohio, raise on my grandfathers farm and at 9 got my first lamb and a male and female rabbit. For some funny reason by that fall we had sold the lamb and had 300 rabbits. Since that time i have been farming animals and plants to find the answers to life. Presently i own a 7.75 acre farmette with 2 cows (pb jersey) 2 goats (pb alpine) 5 asian heritage hogs working on a small marketable hog, 7 breeds of chicken, muscovy ducks, rabbits, cats, and pb aussie herd dogs. We raise organic grains, corns, soy, specialty crops and food crops, buy some of our hay, but am working on a high protein hay for my goats because far from the commom belief, goats require high protein in their hay to survive western PA winters. Enough about me.
May 30, 1951 (Age: 72)
Current Herd Animal(s)
Change 2 dairy goats 2 cows 5
Dirt farmer



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