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    3 Goats limping in the same foot?

    Hey! I have 3 goats all limping in the left rea foot. One is a full Oberhalsi, 6 years old. The other is a full Nubian, 2 1/2 years old, and the last is a full Alpine, 2 yrs old. (Although we believe her foot is broken). We checked for hoof rot, and broken bones, but the Oberhalsi and the Nubian...
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    Pregnancy problems

    I have a 2 1/2 year old nubian doe, FF. We bought her early May, and she was bred sometime in late January/early Febuary when the bucks broke into the pen (While the owner was on vacation and the goat-sitter didn't remove them). 2 days ago, she stopped eating entirely. Yesterday we found her...
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    I just got an Oberhalsi doe, about 6 years old. She was kept in a shelter with 3 females and 3 wethers. I looked at her, and thought she looked pregnant. She has already kidded once, but that was a few years back. I'm thinking about doing a pregnancy test, but I wanted to know what you guys...
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    Soured or Spoiled Milk? And help finding a milking forum????

    I didn't really know where else to ask this, but I've been on Google for about 40 minutes, and cannot find anything on wether or not this is spoiled or just soured. I've read on many different websites that sometimes it is just buttermilk, and sometimes it's just sour cream sitting on whey...
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    Anemic bottle goat?

    He weighs about 16 pounds, and I am currently milking a doe. If it is a lack of nutrients, woul it be better for me to feed him the Doe's milk instead? Thank you for the info on the jumpstart, I will definitely do that.
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    Anemic bottle goat?

    He is eating grass, hay and dirt, though, so could that be the cause?would a red blood transfusion help? Is there anything else I could do? We don't really have the money needed to travel to our vet right now...
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    Anemic bottle goat?

    My 3 week old bottle baby Nubian buck has a very low Famacha. 4-5 ShouldI use safeguard? Also, we previously had anemic goats, and they also had this color Famacha. Could he be anemic? And can I put Probios in his milk? That's how we cured anemia last time, along with some B-12. Is it even...
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    We weaned the sheep by just stopping feeding her, as suggested by our local vet. The breeder recommended 20 oz. 2 times a day.
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    Actually, I found out he was 8 weeks old, and the breeder recommended 20 oz. 2 times a day. I've also heard about feeding kids a certain percent of their body weight? Does anyone know anything about that?
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    I just purchased a purebred Nubian buckling, about 4 1/2 weeks old. I have a milking doe, giving about 2 quarts a day, and I figured I could just feed him some of that, but I'm already bottle feeding a 2 week old buckling. I've been considering weaning him? How would I do that? Even if I decide...
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    Aggressive hens?

    I have 10 laying hens, 3 Rhodeislands, 4 black sex links (stars), and 3 deleware orphingtons. In the past 2-3 weeks, one of my Rhode islands pecked my little 3 yearold sister in the eye, with no reason. She wasn't being rough or aggravating, she just sat on the ground and without warning she...
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    Goats ear bleeding. Predator?

    I posted a couple weeks ago about my Nigerian Dwarf x Pygmy goat, Mario. His ear kept bleeding, and it was supposed his twin brother being housed with him, bit Mario on accident. Now there's a big dent on the tip of his ear and blood on the same side of his face. Could this be a small predator...
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    Ears bleeding?

    It has happened before, but that was before we put up smaller fencing.
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    Cd&t vaccine

    You're itechnically supposed to give goats the CDT shot when they're young. If you had a pregnant doe, you could give her the shot 30 days before kidding, to provide some in the colostrum. It isn't really recommended to give adult goats the CDT shot.