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    Possibly mini Nubians on the way

    Actually talking to two ladies and got them cornfused. Not sure the one knows what she's got, but the other has the ones listed in my previous post. Sorry for the confusion. Sire:
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    Possibly mini Nubians on the way

    F1s. Momma gives over a gallon a day. Buckling is from the same sire as the doelings so that's a nogo for me. And she was mistaken, doelings are sisters. F1s, not sure, but I like their looks and momma's output looks good. Daddy is polled, PLUS! Was hoping for at least F3, but willing to try.
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    Possibly mini Nubians on the way

    Found a lady near me that has 2 unrelated doelings and an unrelated buckling for sale. She seems to know something about goats (a pleasant surprise compared to most owners around here). Working out a date to go look at them. Too excited!!!
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    Thank you

    Thank you
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    Fence Posts in North AL

    I've set more pots Than I care to remember. 36" is the minimum to set corner and gate posts (below frost line). If your soil is mostly clay, no need for concrete. Use a spud bar to pack every bit of the spillings back into the hole with post. If you tamp it right, you'll need more dirt to fill...
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    Awwww...pests. Or should I turkey farm?

    I know folks love turkey hunting so don't hate me. Back in the day in KY there were very few turkeys. You could go out in shorts and lay in the grass and never have an issue with biting nastiest we call no see-ems. Those are also known as turkey mites. The state brought them back in from other...
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    I have this old charger...not house

    I found my grandfather's old fence charger. He used it around his yard in town to keep the dogs in and strangers out. As I remember it shocked the pee water out of me, but I was pre double digits the last time that happened. I can't find a manual online and Sears was less than helpful. They do...
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    Goat Electric Fencing

    I was reading an article the other day that recommended 6 joules for goats! That seemed awful hot.
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    Asking for ideas on how to "manage" coyotes

    Love to see this pass.
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    Snakebite and guardian dogs what should I do?

    Copperheads are our biggest threat, although there are plenty of rattlers here that you never see. Dad's dog got bit this past year. She came in limping and with her lower leg swollen huge. He had me check it and I found the puncture marks. They were so wide I figured it had to be a rattler...
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    How bad are coyotes in KY?

    New legislation to kill anytime with nearly any means.
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    Anyone Interested? UPDATE - LGD 1st Kidding

    Awesome! Hope you don't catch the Northerly breeze we are getting now. Below zero...I hate winter
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    NEW method to disbud a baby goat

    And her response was typical. I live in Austin, not too many goats. Just do dogs and cats. Wow, you'd think maybe she would branch out. When she lived in KY, she was big into bovine and swine...guess she gave up the rat race for the cat chase.