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    SA Farm's journal

    I assume that is 3° C (~= 37° F). 3° C is pretty cool but not too bad if the wind isn't blowing. 3° F (~= -16° C) is COLD! 🥶
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    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    Miss @Baymule, Did you get any snow? If so, would you post them? I would be honored to have you post them on my journal. Senile Texas Aggie
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I wish there were something we could do to help these farmers. I guess that is how the free market works -- there are winners and losers. But it seems a shame that those who have put their whole lives into something could end up losing it all. I am so glad you are no longer needing to reside...
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    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    Miss @bethh, Happy New Year! Good to have you back on the forum. Yes, please post pictures of your chickens (and goats and dogs and grandkids and ...). Senile Texas Aggie
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    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    All, On Thursday we received the controller board for the automatic gate opener after I fried the previous controller board a couple of weeks ago when trying to cycle power to the board. Yesterday I braved the harsh climate of ominous dark clouds, gale-force winds (~ 5 MPH), and bone-chilling...
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    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    OK, Mr. @Mike CHS, you are not the only one who got snow. We got some snow here in western Arkansas, too! Here is a picture of the Flood mountain range(*) SE of us. Look halfway up the mountain range, where the snow starts. Maybe I can start a ski slope here. What do you think? Senile...
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    Bruce's Journal

    Thank you, Mr. @Bruce!
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    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    How right you are.
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    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    I used Google Earth. I have considered buying a drone. I think it would be neat to be able to see our property that way. But I cannot justify the cost. There is always some tool or tractor attachment I would prefer spending my money on. I had been intending on reading their journals but...
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    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    Miss @Ridgetop, I hope there is a railroad spur line going to your house, because after I read just how much you have to move I think it's going to take a freight train of box cars to move your stuff! :th Senile Texas Aggie
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    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    Miss @Daxigait, I noticed your posting recently on several different journals I follow. I don't recall seeing you before, even though you have been on the forum longer than I have. Your avatar pictures a young woman (you ?) posing with a horse. Because of that, I thought I would mention to...
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    JustT - off grid farm life, a new beginning!

    Miss @JustT, I hope you will consider posting more of how you started your animal sanctuary, of each of the rescues you have made, and more about you and your homestead. What you are doing in rescuing animals is commendable and makes for enjoyable reading. I sincerely hope you find this place...
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    Bruce's Journal

    Thank you, Mr. @Bruce. Whenever I have needed to work with plumbing, it has usually involved copper tubing. I never was able to learn how to sweat copper connectors together - they always leaked. Compression fittings usually worked but I had one compression fitting fail under the kitchen sink...