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    Winter is Officially Over!!

    My Herman just started moving around yesterday. He's thinking its spring too. He is from your neck of the woods to.
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    A look at herds / living post disaster (What are your thoughts?)

    Even better we could have a group of compounds. Brownsheep, Elevan, Autumnpraire and My group and some other members. Trading amongst each other and eating those tasty Elevan inventions.:D
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    What do goats eat?

    Don't ya know that Goats will eat anything. Pop cans, Books, Fence posts, Clothes, Spare Tires, etc. ;)
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    All round farm dog breed suggestions.

    I've had more luck with just mutts or Lab mixes than anything.
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    A look at herds / living post disaster (What are your thoughts?)

    Well if were talking the ideal situation, I would like a group of family and friends on a large compound for security, labor and for some social aspect. Chickens are very popular and easy keepers for even the novice. I would want Black Australorps and Buff Orpingtons, they make good broodies...
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    Straw Hat Kikos

    Its that wonderful gift of youth. Enjoy it while it lasts, were you can work 48 hours straight and then sleep for half a day and do it again. Ah...the younger all night work all day, fun, fun. :cool:
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    Straw Hat Kikos

    :hide Copperheads, no fun, I would be paranoid all the time. Don't get too many Widows or Recluse spiders and that can stay that way. cringe
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    Any Survivalists or Armed Forces people

    Lol, I do sometimes but I thought I would get a pulse of what others would do to get an idea of what the Average Joe might have on them.:)
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    NFL Draft in 28 days

    YAY, Football is coming back soon. Been barely hanging on with Nascar, Basketball and Golf. Now at least we can talk about draft picks, even though I really don't know about many of them it gives us NFL folk something good to talk about. I'l catch up though with all the chatter as the Draft...
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    EllieMay's journey towards self-sufficiency.

    Thats great that the Association will send out a picker to help y'all and they tell you where the need is. I just have a couple semi wild ones that need heavy weeding and trimming.
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    Straw Hat Kikos

    What a good crop of kids. Well they look good at least, I know next to nothing as to what to look for but they look healthy and happy and I suppose that counts. I wonder though do you get problems with Cotton Mouth Snakes or Rattlers under those logs?
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    All round farm dog breed suggestions.

    I've had similar experience with Rotty's. If they are well socialize and train, they can be wonderful family protectors but if you don't do the work any dog can be a terror.
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    Arabians horses‏ ‏new pic

    Are those Berber Arabians, either way they are pristine Horses. Arabians truly are the Jewel of the Horse world.