The Chick Addict

Hello Y'all! My name is Bella or The Chick Addict! I am an active member of BYC and just so happened to find BackYard Herds as well! I love animals, I am vegetarian, I love art, I am a proud Roman Catholic, and I live in the Texoma (area in between Texas and Oklahoma) area of Texas! I have chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs, and cats and I am glad to have joined BYH too!

Chickens are my favorite animal! (Hence the name!)

My favorite goat breed are Nigerian Dwarfs!

My goats are:
Caspien the tri-color Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Willow the Chamois Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Bonnie the tan-and-white Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Bonnie and Willow are twins sisters and they are preparing to give birth to more herd members soon!

My dogs are Hank the Labrador Retriever and Sammy the Border-Aussie!

My cats are a beautiful Tortoiseshell named Rainbow and her "husband", a jet-black tom named Chub-a-dub!

My rabbit is Nash, a grey Lionhead mix.

My chickens are:
Shelly the Barred Rock
Emerald the Buff Orpington
Shaker the Buff Orpington
Theodora the Rhode Island Red
Earl the Terror Thompson (Guinea Fowl)
Scuffle the Black Australorp
Willa the New Hampshire Red
Buddy the White Cochin Bantam (Rooster)
Bootleg the Black Silkie Bantam (Rooster)

I'm known as "The Chicken Girl"

I'm a full-out Country Girl!
June 15
Current Herd Animal(s)
Goats and Rabbits


You've GOAT to be KIDding me!




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