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    HappyQuackFarms Journal:

    Well lets see what's happened since last time? Gave some more pigs to a fire family 15 this time. Our pens are looking empty finally were down to only two to a pen and a bunch of completely empty pens. Our feed bill is much lower now and we've done a good turn for folks in need. Ducklings...
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    HappyQuackFarms Journal:

    if you'd like to see more of our farm here's our youtube channel: UCtAxp3g6oYIl3QNafT1k-tA And our website even though I REALLY need to update the animals on it:
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    HappyQuackFarms Journal:

    thank you Ill try to remember to pop back in more often!
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    Duck hygiene question in winter

    some will say that as long as they can dunk their heads in water to clean out their noses you'll be fine. I have found that's not entirely true. They need a little water to clean out their cloaca once in a while or they will stop laying until spring time almost entirely. Give them a baby pool at...
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    HappyQuackFarms Journal:

    I need to check in here more often! So much has happened the last few months are such a blur lol. Lets see... Cancelled the order for the meishan pigs til later, we're still adding them just not for a while. Sold the berkshires but will be adding more again down the road. Love the breed just...
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    Pig Breed Page Project

    I can help- we currently raise 9 breeds of pigs. I also do videos on bone structure and how to tell some breeds apart side by side.
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    HappyQuackFarms Journal:

    Havent checked in in a while. Lots happened. Lets see, we got our Berkshires finally and the Gloucester Old Spot pigs are on their way after the 16th of October. I ordered the Meishans a few weeks back so that's exciting too!Figure they'll drive sometime around christmas hopefully. Had a ton of...
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    Geese pros and cons

    Thats how I do it! Ive never had a problem plucking ducks or geese. In fact Id hate myself for skinning ducks and geese since half the flavor comes from the fat in the skin marinating as it cooks. I skinned two ducks for dinner once it was terrible and nothing was different about the way I...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    As long as you have 4 whee drive and good ac youll get to us safely. But we haul our water here so pack plenty if you come visit
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Yes we are near Death Valley, not many people make that connection good job! Were actually closer to the Mexican border and much lower elevation.But don’t believe what you hear it actually gets hotter than 135 just at our place in the shade. In Death Valley and much of the Mojave desert it is...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Sor yes 155 was a typo but we do regularly get in the 130’s here but its usually a dry heat not humid but lately were coming up on monsoon season here so humidity is crazy high.
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    Mini pig attacking new young goat

    I think Duckfarmerpa1 gave great advice and I am so glad its working for everyone. I only want to add a bit of information in case it comes up in the future. Keeping pigs and goats and chickens together is fine for many people but if you ever get a case of coccidia in any of them youll have to...
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    Dirty pig

    The pooping and peeing in the Waller is a sign of a couple things. Firstly, she is marking it with her scent, she and other pigs commonly do this when they are coming into estrus or period. It signals to other pigs that she is around and this is her Waller. Secondly the sudden change usually has...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Morning everyone! Coffee is good today. Brought home three new kune sows the other day, and a couple new agh gilts. Got a text from my friend that my Berkshire gilts have been born! Already found a boar. Getting goals met on the farm, building stuff here and there sure is humid here lately. Got...