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    Any day babies!

    I have now slept with my girl for 10 nights in minus 6 conditions. Took her to vets 2 days ago to be on safe side as i dont have exact date of breeding. Saw her mounted 25.8.18 so by my dates she would be 153 days. Had xrays and vet said she is due anytime but can induce today if no sign. She...
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    Any pregnancy advice?

    She is a lot lower in the last few days. Sides seem to have gone. No nesting but spending more time away from others and keeping out of any fights.
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    Any pregnancy advice?

    H Thankyou. She lost a mummified baby 2 years ago. Vet said probably toxoplasmosis. Last year she had the most beautiful twin girls who survived a short while but were perfect accept just too small to survive. The vet said there was no reason we shouldnt try once more. She didnt bag up last...
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    Any pregnancy advice?

    A few months ago i thought my doe was about to drop! Now 3 months later i can feel movement on the right side kicking my hand. Going by dates she could either be due from today or around 11th jan. Her vulva looks looser which i have a pic of and there seems to be pressure on the area. She has...
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    Recommended reading-Birthing, Weaning, and Raising Young Goats

    Pooch experts? Her anus never usually like this? Pregnant or season?
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    Any pooch experts please?

    Not sure if this is a season or not but pooch looks different especially her anus?
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    Any ideas of this is mucus plug?

    Haha.... how true! It really does drive you mad. She probably isnt even pregnant and my life is on hold lol. I get so excited to see her hoping something has changed or new signs.. .then nothing!
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    Any ideas of this is mucus plug?

    Hi. No change apart from fighting with other doe. Tried feeling ligaments again but i must be stupid as just cant feel anything. Thought i felt left side slightly but nothing on right atall. Driving me mad! Lol x
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    Is this how they hold there tail when close to birthing?

    She lost twins last year with no signs atall. Last week she lost some mucus and now she is holding her tail differently. Had her 4 years and never been able to touch her, suddenly all she wants is cuddles.
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    Any ideas of this is mucus plug?

    Today her tail is completely bent over to the right. No more discharge but she was fighting with my other girl and i stuggled to seperate them. Will post a pic