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    Potency of problem plants

    I’m so glad you found that as informative as I do! I literally watched that twice the first time I found it and everyone I’ve shared it with has found it to be valuable knowledge! 😁
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    Potency of problem plants

    Here! Watch this! Excellent!
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    Potency of problem plants

    Your goats can eat all the poison ivy they want but wear long sleeves and gloves when you pet them afterwards because you will get the noxious oil on you from where they rubbed against the plants. I don’t know if goats can eat the creeping myrtle or regular ivy, as it might be toxic. Poison ivy...
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    My goat vet said there isn't enough known about raisins and goats so she recommends carrot stick, turnip sticks or sweet potato sticks. My goaties get some every day!
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    feeding goats in winter

    WindyRidge, I just ordered gold mangel seeds off of Etsy! Thanks for the education! I live in Kansas so I will plant the beets for a fall crop. Actually, I found this thread because I wanted to learn about bundling branches for winter. What can you tell me about that? Do you hang them to dry...
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    The Care of Outdoor Rabbits

    Thank you for your article! I have an enclosure that is 1 1/2 to 2 acres. I have 6 goats in the pen and a small barn. The enclosure is safe, as it has fencing on the ground 1 foot out so nothing can dig in and the fence is 8 feet high. Can I have free range bunnies in there?
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    Put a face to a name! Please post your pic here!

    Hello! I'm Tammy, in Kansas, with 6 goats that I adore! I would like to get some bunnies to let go free range in the goat pen, as the fencing extends under ground and they could live in the pen safe from most predators. Has anyone ever had free range rabbits? I hope to get ducks or chickens...
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    Hello from a fellow goat lover!

    Hi! My name is Tammy and I have a small herd of goats! I have one Pygmy doe, 2 Pygmy/Nigerian does, 1 Pygmy/Nigerian wether and 2 Nigerian wethers. I love every single one of them! I would love to breed my does in the fall/winter of 2020, but I don't have a buck and I don't know anyone near...